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The Chef's Garden - S1 Ep. 5
G | Lifestyle

Air Date: Sun 8 Oct 2023

Massimo heads out to sea with fisherman Bryan Denny in search of Southern Rock Lobster. Bringing this culinary journey to a close, Massimo ends with two family favourites: panna cotta and zeppole


About the Show

What is it that makes Tasmanian ingredients, produce and food stand out? Is there something about the purity of the conditions? The way produce is grown or farmed? What gives Tassie the edge?

In The Chef’s Garden, parochial Tassie chef Massimo Mele will endeavour to find out.

“As a local Tasmanian chef at times I feel like a kid in a candy store. So much amazing produce, incredible locations to visit and fascinating stories to tell.” Massimo Mele

Over this 5-part series we join Massimo as he undertakes a unique Tasmanian journey. He will uncover the local way of life visiting the local farms and growers, meeting the proud and passionate producers and local artisans.

“Local produce lies at the heart of every journey… but to understand the produce you need to understand the producer” Massimo Mele

Massimo will also gather his seasonal Tassie produce and head back to his Hobart kitchen and bountiful kitchen garden to showcase some undeniably delicious creations.