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Taste Of Australia With Hayden Quinn - S4 Ep. 6
G | Lifestyle

Air Date: Sun 19 Sep 2021

Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn explores the unique personalities shaping the food scene in Australia. Experience the characters, produce and creative forces contributing to our food culture.

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About the Show

Hayden is a surfer, a qualified lifeguard, a marine biologist - and of course everyone’s favourite foodie with a recipe to suit every situation.

Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn, has Hayden returning to what he does best: meeting people and telling their stories with his disarming, conversational style. And Hayden can muck-in with the best of them … rounding up sheep, catching crayfish, diving for abalone, pulling up maron pots, baking bread and so much more. Plus there’s lots of epic food to share: recipes crafted with local produce found in each of the amazing places we visit.

Season One features ten episodes filmed right across Australia: from Darwin to Hobart, Sydney to Albany, and of course Hayden’s beloved Northern Beaches in Sydney.

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