MotoGP Legends - Mick Doohan

The style master who defined the sport in the 1990's

Mick Doohan


World Championship Titles - 5 (500cc)

Grand Prix Victories - 54

Bike – Honda

The Queensland born Australian legend began his career in superbikes.

In 1989 he joined the World Championship and was teammate to fellow Australian Wayne Gardner at Honda, who he stayed loyal to throughout his entire career. He secured his first race win of 54 victories in 1990.

A nasty crash in Holland in 1992 saw his rise to the top slowed by a badly broken right leg. The injury led to him switching to a left thumb operated rear brake in 1993, as his right foot could no longer do the job.

By 1994 he was back in form and took out the first of his five World Championships, breaking the US dominance of the sport.

Doohan won the World Champion from 1994 to 1998. His riding prowess in 1997 saw him win 12 of the 15 races.

Another broken leg saw him retire from the sport in 1999.