Monster High - S1 Ep. 9
G | Kids

Frankie doesn't want Watzie to leave for dragon migration, so they amp up the fun to try to convince him to stay / Draculaura must discover her familiar to open a Witchcraft Codex and hone her powers




About the Show

Teenager Clawdeen Wolf never felt like she fit in –until her instincts led her to Monster High, where she discovered that she’s a werewolf and a human, and now feels at home in both worlds. Along with Draculaura (a vampire who wants to forge her own path as a witch), Frankie (a Frankenstein monster who is figuring out how their pieces fit together), Deuce (the son of Medusa, who’s rebelling by being nice), and a school full of modern monster characters, Clawdeen is going to sink her fangs into high school hijinks and teenage troubles that will have everyone howling. The progressive new Monster High series is all about identity, acceptance, and empowerment. This is a world where “four eyes” is a boon, “mummy issues” is a given, and “braindead” is the Zombie way of life. These young monsters are discovering who they are, defying expectations, disrupting the norm, and embracing their differences to make a difference. Together, they’ll learn to be fierce and fearless at the one place they all belong: Monster High.