I’m A Celebrity 2023: Debra Lawrance Leaves The Jungle

The Logie winner’s time in the South African jungle came to an end on Sunday night.

Debra Lawrance was the latest celebrity to farewell the jungle, the iconic award-winning actor had been the heart, and soul of the camp, bringing wisdom and acting lessons to her fellow celebs.

It was clearly a blow to the camp, who are shocked each and every time another of their campmates must say their goodbyes. But as Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris told our celebs on Wednesday, one would be leaving each night until a winner is crowned.

Speaking to 10 Play, Deb said she couldn't wait to hug her husband and children and was already looking forward to, "Realising that I did make them proud and embarrassed in equal measure".

Reflecting on her time in the jungle, Deb admitted that it was a lot more difficult than she initially expected. "I was a bit naive about it, I knew it would be in the jungle and outside -- and I'm an outside girl but... I haven't been an outside girl for a long time," she said.

"The first couple of nights were very, very challenging and I did have the, 'Oh my goodness what am I doing here?' thoughts," Deb told 10 Play. "It wasn't until well into the second week that I felt myself really settle into the landscape."

It also helped once a certain Honey Badger did some rennos around the camp, creating a 'badger bath' for the celebs.

"I went down there just on dawn every morning," Deb said. "Everyone was asleep and I could have this ice cold [bath]... it was such a serene spot [and] really cold water really wakes you up for the day."

The silent assassin of trials this season, Debra wandered into an eating trial looking quite grim, but at no point did she ever call it quits (or spits), bringing home every star that was served up to her.

Every time she stepped into the Tok Tokkie, Debra always had something inspiring, heartfelt, or hilarious to say, especially when it came to helping her campmates with ‘tick checks’.

But it was the moments in camp with her jungle family where Debra really would shine, even when she was laying in bed refusing to play along with a prank it was absolutely perfect.

Opening up with her campmates and sharing her life experiences had some of her fellow celebs, as well as us at home, in tears, including when she explained why she was playing for her chosen charity, or bonding with Liz Ellis about their heartbreaking experiences with miscarriage.

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Debra’s time in the jungle was in support of Ovarian Cancer Australia, a national not-for-profit organisation that provides support and care for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

"It's huge to represent Ovarian Cancer Australia because I go to their events, I see what they do and I see women that turn up, some of whom have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer but are brave enough to turn up... and deliver their message at those events raising awareness and money for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

"They're my heroes. The women who know they don't have long, and they turn up to walk people through the journey," Deb said.

For more information about Ovarian Cancer Australia, or any of the charities our celebs are representing this year, as well as info on how you can support or donate, click here.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday - Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand.