I’m A Celebrity 2023: Bianca Hunt And Anna Polyviou Farewell The Camp

Our first two celebrities have wrapped up their time in the South African jungle.

On Sunday night Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris shocked the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! camp and audience when they revealed not one but two celebs would be ending their time in the jungle.

The 13 brilliant celebs have already created a tight-knit family in the camp, so emotions were clearly running high when it was revealed that Bianca and Anna would be the first celebs to say farewell to their jungle home.

Speaking to 10 Play after leaving the camp, Bianca said the whole experience was, “Absolutely more difficult” than she had expected.

“I tried to come into this with no expectations but – of course – knew bits and pieces of what I’d have to go through,” she said. “Especially the first week, that was really tough. The adjustment, the detoxing from everything - you actually don’t realise how much you’re missing until you’re in a situation where everything is taken.”

Anna agreed, telling 10 Play, “The first 48 hours was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. I mean, I weed ten times in the night because I was so terrified. But then, as you go and proceed and get some structure in there it was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced.

“I’m still scared of bugs,” Anna continued, “nothing is changing that, but I think I’m more inclined to sleep outdoors now more than ever.”

Both Anna and Bianca also said they couldn’t wait to talk to their loved ones, with Bianca admitting that she didn’t tell her family she was actually going into the jungle. “Bit of a shock to them,” Bianca said, laughing.

Known for her infectious and absolutely radiant laugh, Bianca lit up the camp with LOL goodness but also wasn’t afraid to bring some much-needed discussions to the campfire.

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“I had some really good conversations… there’s a lot of value and expertise in the room," Bianca told Chris and Julia. "I had access to people like Dicko, like Pete, where I can sit there and be like hey, what was it like then, do you think it’s different now? Where are we at? How do you navigate this space?

"I think they’ve done it incredibly well. It was things like that, and just getting to know new people like Aesh, I didn’t know her and now... I will never forget her. That’s the best thing about it.”

Bianca definitely drew the short straw when it came to trials, being selected for one of the toughest – and most hilarious – eating trials we’ve ever seen. Paired with Nathan, Aesha, and Deb, Bianca may not have been able to finish the treats Chris and Julia served her but she gave each one a red hot go… right before chucking them straight into a nearby bucket.

But she told 10 Play knowing that her time in the jungle was in support of a good cause made all the difference. "There’s no way I would have put a Madagascan cockroach in my mouth if it wasn’t for a good cause, and the The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is an incredible charity and I’m just glad, even though they don’t get the big hunny kay, they still get the exposure, they still get a generous donation so I’m very excited just to be able to catch up with them and have a bit of a chat and say sorry I didn’t let you know either!"

Anna’s bright personality and warmth and generosity of spirit also made her the perfect sous chef for Dicko – taking the back seat in the kitchen, the award-winning pastry chef never failed to make us, and the rest of the celebs, cry with laughter.

“It was so much fun and the team… are like family now, they’re not just friends," Anna told Chris and Julia. "They’re an amazing bunch of people… We’re spending every second of the day together and not once was I bored. I loved it.”

Anna’s presence in the camp was also felt during the emotional chat about which charities the celebrities were representing while in the jungle, opening up to her campmates about struggles with her business during the COVID period.

She told 10 Play, "I felt like I had a second chance in my life, so I think Dress for Success is another opportunity for a second chance for women to be out there and getting into the workplace, which is really important.

For more information about Anna and Bianca's charities, as well as all the charities our celebs are supporting this year and info on how you can donate, click here.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday - Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand.