Hunted Australia 2022: Meet The Final 3 Fugitives

Just three Fugitives remain in the chase, and with one episode to go, will any of them make it to the extraction point and escape the Hunters?

They’ve been on the run for weeks, doing everything they can to avoid giving away any hints to the Hunters that could see their time on the run come to an end. With some teams being split up, and others splitting on purpose, just three Fugitives remain.

All that’s left for them to do is get to an extraction point without getting caught, and they could win their share of $100,000. But with time ticking down, the Hunters are more hungry than ever for a capture.

Here are the final three Fugitives on the run ahead of Tuesday’s Grand Finale.

Stathi, 35, VIC

Having just lost his teammate to a tense chase through Daylesford, Stathi is now on the run solo for the final days. The pair was one of the most organised when the chase began, with what Hunter HQ described as a ‘web of disinformation’ spread out in front of them, Stathi and Matt had hoped to hide in plain sight during the Daylesford Chillout festival.

But when a meeting with their accomplice didn’t go to plan, Matt was captured sending Stathi and all his plans into a downward spiral. Aware that the Ground Hunters were hot on his heels, Stathi will be hoping to get out of town and lay low until the extraction point is revealed.

Stathi’s overly cautious approach has given us some incredible moments, from his stunning Nonna disguise to the many codes and phrases he had set up with accomplices, could Stathi be cunning enough to make it all the way to the extraction point and win it for his fallen teammate?

Jake, 31, WA & Rob, 33, WA

The only team still remaining, Jake and Rob have been ones to watch since day dot. From the very beginning, Jake had a massive target on his back, as a serving police officer the Hunters knew he would be a formidable opponent when it came to going on the run.

And Jake’s fortitude for staying one step ahead of the Hunters has come in handy, but it wouldn’t be without the help of the hilarious Rob and his many, many wigs and disguises throwing the Hunters off.

The pair have had their fair share of taunts thrown the Hunters’ way, but they’ve also been clever enough to stay on the move, slipping through the Hunters’ fingers every time. Though they did lead to the accidental capture of Sonny-Joe and Grace, Rob and Jake could be the one and only duo to make it all the way to the end. That is unless the Hunters have anything to say about that.

With just one episode remaining, will any of our Fugitives make it to the extraction point? Or will the team of Hunters make it a clean sweep and catch each and every one of them before it’s too late?

Hunted Australia’s Grand Finale airs Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play on demand