Five Bedrooms Returns For Season Two

High fives, three cheers and one beloved Aussie drama.

We are absolutely stoked to announce that Five Bedrooms will be coming back to your telly in 2020.

The heartfelt drama/comedy that captured our hearts will continue to tell the tale of five unlikely allies and everyone's favourite housemates - Liz (Kat Stewart), Ben (Stephen Peacocke), Heather (Doris Younane), Ainsley (Katie Robertson) and Harry (Roy Joseph).

Having lost their first communal home at auction, this surrogate family are once again looking to leap into the property market.

But there are still SO many questions they need to face, or at least come close to answering. What happens if they can’t find a house that matches their needs? What happens if one of them meets their soulmate that isn't their housemate? Will the house cope with a new dynamic? What happens if there’s a break-up…? And are this group remotely qualified to have a baby in their midst?

Head Of Drama at Channel 10, Rick Maier said: “I’m happy to say this was an emphatic YES from everyone involved. We love this show, the key creatives and especially this exceptional cast.”

Hoodlum Executive Producers, Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson added: “We have been overwhelmed by the love and support this show has received both here in Australia and around the world. It’s a simple validation of great writing, great creatives and a stellar cast that we get to bring Five Bedrooms back for Season 2!”

We honestly can't wait.

If you want to remind yourself of why Five Bedrooms is so fantastic, you can binge watch the first season here.

Five Bedrooms is coming to 10 and 10 play in 2020