The Five Best Moments From Five Bedrooms

If you haven’t seen Five Bedrooms – you should binge the whole season right now. But for the top five moments that made us laugh, cry and go “awwwww” – we’ve got you covered.

In case you didn’t already guess… *SPOILERS AHEAD*.

Heather Joins The House

It takes a lot of guts to severe the ties of those holding you back, especially when those ties are your deadbeat husband and two kids that are way too old to be living at home. But with the help of her housemates and a bottle of vino, Heather stuck to her guns. Seeing her courage to end her loveless relationship was enough to make anyone book a one-way flight overseas to go find themselves.

Five Bedrooms, Heather Tells Her Husband To Leave

Ben Tells Heather He Loves Her

Guys, two words: Beather forever. We can’t get enough of this couple. Heather is the perfect yin to Ben’s yang. Two people with seemingly nothing in common, coming together to form one of the most beautiful, genuine relationships we’ve seen on TV since Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovon. They’ve got their issues, but we are totally shipping these two.

Five Bedrooms, Ben And Heather Kiss

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Harry Comes Out

What an incredibly moving storyline. Seeing the struggle of Harry wanting to be true to himself and tell his mother who he really is, versus the real fear of being disowned by his only living family member is truly heart-breaking. Watching him psych himself up to finally come out to her, only to walk into the house and see her having a stroke really pulled at our heart strings. Actual tears were shed. Then when Ben outed him in front of his mum, we could all feel the total devastation. Give Roy Henry a Logie right now.

Five Bedrooms, Harry Is Outed By Ben

Liz’s Life Falls Apart

To see Liz go from a perfectly put-together lawyer with immaculate hair to intoxicated, sitting on a child’s swing and nursing a bottle of wine in the backyard of the multi-million-dollar-home that is no longer hers, was one of the most spectacular breakdowns we’ve witnessed. Being declared bankrupt after her divorce, losing her job and potentially having her new home seized by the bank would make even the strongest of us crumble. Even though the whole watching-the-new-home-owners-through-the-window thing was a little creepy, we still wanted to reach through our screens and give her a big hug.

Five Bedrooms, Liz Drinks On A Swing

The Decision To Sell

We did not see this coming; I mean we could see it was all falling apart but we really thought they’d hang in there, work it out and all be best friends living in an amazing share house/commune forever.

Five Bedrooms, Selling The House

Will they go through with the sale? Is Ainsley actually pregnant? Will Ben and Heather elope and have their happily ever after?! God, we hope so.

To find out, tune into the finale 8.40 Wednesday night on 10 or catch up on 10 play.