Five Shocking Catfish Endings You Need To See To Believe  

Catfish has birthed some of the wildest and most unpredictable reality TV moments.  

In Catfish, hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph travel around America exposing individuals who trick others into relationships by using fictional online personas, a practice known as a catfishing.

There are so many jaw-dropping reveals, but we’ve taken note of the most shocking ones. 


Catfishing A Catfish  

Meet Shawny, a woman from Rochester, New York. She’s been texting Jack for five months but isn’t sure whether he is real, or a catfish. 

With help from Nev and Max, it is revealed that Jack is, in fact, a catfish – but he’s not the only one.  

Jack’s real name is Brandon and he’s Shawny’s ex-husband. What we didn’t see coming is that he was actually being catfished by Shawny – whose real name is Ebony.   

Ebony called Nev and Max with her fake name, pretending she was concerned that she was getting catfished. All because she needed a way to meet with her ex, so she could try to win him back. 

Nothing gets resolved, they have a screaming match and the only victims here are Nev and Max (who guessed Shawny was a catfish, so props to them).  

Watch this odd tale unfold here.

The God-Sister  

Now this one is vastly interesting. 

Alante has been chatting to a girl for EIGHT YEARS. He’s admitted he is in love with her, but every time they trto catch up, it always falls through, so he’s never actually seen her in real life. Um, MAJOR red flag. 

Cue Nev and Max, who come to the rescue. After what feels like a soap opera full of lies, drama and back-stabbingthe result is clear: the girl he’s been talking to is actually his God-sister. WTF! 

Find out why she did it

Teamwork Makes The Catfish Work 

Unlucky with dating in the real world, Marvin turns to social media to find a man he can spend the rest of his life withHe meets Austin, a model who only lives 2 miles away. After three months of talking, they still haven’t met up despite living so close. What could possibly go wrong? 

Nev and Max arrange for them to meet, and there honestly couldn’t be a worse situation.  

A girl walks out. Followed by two other guys. They’re all in on it and its just a game to them. Poor Marvin had to learn the hard way that online dating isn’t what it seems. 

Watch the heartbreak and feel the anger here.

 Years In The Making 

There is rarely a happily ever after on Catfish, so when we get one, it’s surprising to say the least.  

Kelsie has been speaking to Brandon for four years, but they’ve never met up (sounds familiar). Brandon always has an excuse as to why he suddenly can’t make it, so Kelsie calls Nev and Max to help her determine whether Brandon is true, or fake.  

At so many points in the episode, we are SURE Brandon is a catfish. But much to everyones surprise, Brandon is legit. YAY! 

Their first-time meeting in person is SO CUTEyou have to see it!

Becoming Bi-Curious  

18-year-old Telizza has been speaking to Shai online for over a year. It started out as a friendship, but after time became romantic, causing Telizza to question her sexuality. Now bi-curious, she wants to meet Shai, and frustrated by failed attempts to video chat, Telizza turnto Nev and Max to uncover the truth. 

After going back and forth with Shai for what seems like forever, they finally meet up and its revealed that Shai isn’t who she said she is. She created the fake profile to keep an eye on her ex-boyfriend to see if he was cheating on her. And then, she reveals she’s not interested in girls.  

Watch the shocking twists and turns here.  

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