Champions V Contenders Season Overview

Get the rundown on everything that happened in Season 4 of Australian Survivor.

Episode Day Reward Challenge Immunity Challenge Votes Voted Out Notable Moments
Ep. 24 48-49 No Reward Challenge.
Baden sent Harry home.
Before the final immunity challenge, the final three were reunited with their family.
Baden won the final individual immunity with his family watching and chose Pia to go through to the final two with him, sending Harry to Jury Villa.
Baden and Pia fought it out in front of the Jury, but in the end, Pia won the title of Sole Survivor.
Ep. 23 46-47 No Reward Challenge.
Luke: 3
Baden: 1
Pia found a game left inside the tree mail and while playing, Luke and Baden won a delicious burger.
After losing the immunity challenge, Luke was in trouble and tried to convince Pia to vote for Baden so they could verse in the fire challenge at Tribal Council. Pia didn't vote with him, sending him to Jury Villa.
Ep. 22 44-45 No Reward Challenge.
Abbey: 2
Pia: 1
Harry: 1
While searching for Idols, Luke found an advantage: he could choose one person to leave Tribal Council and head straight back to camp, which meant they would not take part in the vote, but it also meant they could not be voted out of the game.
Just when everyone was set on Pia going home, Luke used his advantage on Baden and completely flipped the game.
Luke won his fourth Immunity Challenge, which is a record for Australian Survivor.
Ep. 21 42-43 No Reward Challenge.
Janine: 4
Baden: 2
After the Champions agreed to stick together, Abbey and Luke joined Baden and Harry to blindside Janine.
Ep. 20 40-41  No Reward Challenge.  
Simon: 5
Abbey: 1
After returning from Exile Beach and re-joining Soli Bula, Simon was immediately voted out and sent to Jury Villa.
Simon and Daisy competed in a challenge for the chance to get back into the game. Simon won, sending Daisy to Jury Villa.
Ep. 19 38-39 No Reward Challenge.
Simon: 4
Baden: 3
Luke and Abbey turned on the Champions alliance to pull off a massive blindside and send Simon to Exile Beach.
Ep. 18 36-37 Janine and Simon won a spa reward and brought Daisy and Pia to join them.  
Daisy: 6
Harry: 2
JLP threw a spanner in the works during Tribal Council. Instead of going home, the person with the most votes went to Exile Beach.
Daisy told Luke a white lie, suggesting there was a mole in the Champions tribe and ultimately caused a fracture in the alliance.
Ep. 17 34-35 Janine and Abbey won Chinese from Deliveroo and brought Harry and Simon.
Harry: 1
John and Abbey tied 4.
John: 4
Abbey: 3
Baden and Simon were the last two in the Immunity Challenge.
Daisy found an Idol but Luke and Pia caught her in the act. She was ready to use it for any contender but had a 1 in 4 chance of guessing the correct person.
Ep. 16 33-34 No Reward Challenge.
David: 8
Harry: 2
David was completely blindsided in Tribal Council and was sent into Jury Villa with an Idol in his pocket.
Ep. 15 31-32 Abbey won a MG ZS SUV and picnic by a waterfall with David and John.
Shaun: 7
Luke: 2
Daisy: 2
David and Shaun fought it out for the Immunity Idol but David won and got everyone to vote for Shaun, making him the first member of JURY VILLA!
Shaun tried to vote Luke out as he saw him as a social threat, but the plan backfired.
Ep. 14 29-30 Daisy won a crate with food, a phone call home, an advantage in the Immunity Challenge and an Idol.
Andy: 11
Daisy: 1
The Champions and Contenders are no more! After the merge, their new tribe name became 'Soli Bula', which according to Andy, translated to 'Welcoming Together'. He lied, it actually means 'Sacrifice'.
Andy dropped a bombshell before leaving, telling everyone that David had an idol.
Ep. 13 27-28 No reward challenge.
No Tribal Council
Ross broke his ankle in the Immunity Challenge and was unable to continue with the game.
Ep. 12 25-26 The Champions won a Chicken Parma with beer.
Pia and Matt tied 2
Matt: 5
Pia: 1
Harry found another Idol and used it at Tribal Council, so the 3 votes he received didn't count.
Ep. 11 23-24 The Champions won a private screening of family videos with popcorn, choc-tops and soft drinks.
Casey: 4
Harry: 4
After winning the Reward Challenge, David was the first to enter the private screening room. Inside the popcorn machine, he found another Idol and to make sure the other tribe members weren't suss, he fake cried.
The old Champions in the Contenders tribe lost the Immunity Challenge on purpose to save Luke and David from being sent home.
During Tribal Council, Harry used his idol so he couldn't be voted out.
Ep. 10 21-22 No Reward Challenge.
Hannah and Shaun tied 2
Hannah: 4
Shaun: 2
Shaun joined the Champion's tribe and made out he was unaware that the Idol David gave him was fake to gain his trust and hopefully blindside him in the next Tribal Council.
Luke and David used their Immunity Idols, leaving a re-vote between Shaun and Hannah.
Ep. 9 19-20 The Champions won toasted sandwiches and a message from their family.
Shaun: 4 No one was voted out but Shaun was voted to join the Champions. Pia, Janine and Abbey realised David is a massive threat, so they told Shaun that David gave him a fake Idol to create a common enemy.
The Champions sat in on the Contenders Tribal Council.
Harry revealed he hasn't got a son named Oscar and attempted to get the Contenders to vote for him so he could play his Idol and send out an old Champion.
There was a twist! Instead of the Contenders voting someone out, the Champions voted for a contender to join their team.
Ep. 8 17-18 Contenders won a trip to 'Oliver's Cafe'.
Sarah: 8
Andy: 2
Snitches get stitches so when Andy betrayed Sarah, she went on a rampage to try and get him voted out.
Ep. 7 14-16 No Reward Challenge.
Luke: 2
David: 2
Sam: 5
TRIBE SWITCH! The Champions consisted of 2 original Champions and 7 old Contenders, while the new Contenders team had 4 old Contenders and 5 original Champions.
Shaun told Andy about his Idol.
Harry created a fake 3 year old son, named Oscar.
Despite being outnumbered 7-2, Luke and David scraped through Tribal Council with both their Idols.
Ep. 6 13-14 The Champions won burgers and beers!
ET: 5
Simon: 3
Andrew Ettingshausen (ET)
Baden and Shaun joined the Champions for burgers.
David spun another web of lies, telling Shaun he used his idol to save Pia.
Ep. 5 11-12 The Champions won fish and chips.
Steven: 8
Pia: 1
Steven Bradbury
Shaun found the Champions idol and David made a fake Contenders idol so when they swapped, David received the real thing and Shaun's was fake.
Ep. 4 8 - 10 The Champions won hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Nova: 6
Steven: 2
Abbey: 2
Nova Peris
John joined the Champions for their reward and brought a marshmallow back for Sarah.
Janine found an idol clue and David spotted her. The idol was for the Contenders ONLY, so she got David to communicate with a Contender to "swap" the idol for a Champion one.
An argument broke out between Steven and Abbey, putting him in danger before Tribal Council.
Ep. 3 6 - 7 The Contenders won a crate of essentials.
Susie: 6
Janine: 5
Susie Maroney
Luke told David about the immunity idol clue and together, they found the idol.
Luke and David noticed cracks in the Sports Alliance and successfully broke them up, forming an alliance of their own.   
Ep. 2 3 - 5 The Champions won fishing and diving equipment and material to build a raft.
Laura: 8
Baden: 4
Luke found a clue to an immunity idol inside the raft.
Ep. 1 1 - 2 The Champions won a survival Starter Kit.
Anastasia: 9
Pia: 3
Instigated by Steven, the 'Sports Alliance' was formed in the Champions tribe.