Sam Receives A Not-So-Warm Welcome At Jury Villa

Having had a hand in blindsiding several players, Sam’s arrival at Jury Villa wasn’t met with the warmest of embraces.

She played a hard game, blindsiding Khanh, swindling an Idol and blindsiding Jesse, helping vote out both Mel and Michelle, and bluffing an Idol to save her skin over Jordan, but Sam’s strategic prowess paid off, seeing her go far in the game.

Unfortunately, it also meant she had a lot of explaining to do when it came to her arrival at Jury Villa.

Though players are often greeted with hugs and laughs as they breakdown everything that just happened, for Sam she was still processing her final Tribal Council, and the potential that her game was given away by a fellow jury member.

During tribal, Sam said she felt like Jordan was sending signals to Chrissy and Josh, which could have potentially flipped Josh resulting in his vote for Sam on Monday night. But Jordan denied it, and told Sam that she and Mark always had his support.

After a very tense first dinner with the crew, Sam retreated to her bedroom describing it as “a little mind explosion”, and thinking she’d stay in her room for as long as possible.

But there was still one person that Sam needed to chat to, after swindling his Idol into her possession and spectacularly blindsiding her closest ally, Sam finally sat down with Jesse for a reunion.

Far less tense than the night before, the pair reflected on what Sam described as her favourite part of the game, where the pair dominated the pre-merge working as a tight two.

Since the game ended, Jesse has spoken at length about how he respected Sam’s game too much and, despite the initial sting, the pair remain close friends out in the real world.

Check out the full episode of Jury Villa in the video above.

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