The Pilot Week Shows You Voted For - Revealed

You voted with your remotes, your comments on social media and your choices on our online poll. Good people of Australia, we have listened - the Pilot Week results are in!

Introducing, the four shows that will become a full series – Taboo, Kinne Tonight, Trial By Kyle and Bring Back Saturday Night. These four standouts will be making their way onto your TV, laptop, phone and Xbox in 2019.

In case you’ve forgotten what the shows are all about, or didn’t get around to watching them, here’s a breakdown of the newest additions to 10 and 10 play next year.

Taboo is an emotional, hilarious rollercoaster. Each week, a different comedian will spend a week with members of a disadvantaged group in society. At the end of the week, the comedian will use their experience to perform a stand-up routine about them, to them and their friends/family. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll look at the world a little differently.

Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

Kinne Tonight is the comedy sketch show created and hosted by the comedic mastermind himself, Troy Kinne. It’s a refreshing, self-deprecating laugh-fest as Kinne pokes fun at modern life, leaving no one and nothing off limits.

Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

Trial By Kyle is exactly what it sounds like. Kyle Sandilands, the controversial king, takes his opinions and ‘no bs’ attitude to the court room. He’s the judge calling the shots on the toughest cases with the biggest celebrities, settling disputes no matter how bizarre or seemingly petty. With ex-The Bachelor Australia star and criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich by his side, his sentences are semi-credible and totally entertaining.

Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

Bring Back Saturday Night a.k.a bring back Rove McManus, is the variety show you need in your life. Yep, Rove is back on TV and bringing with him a bucket-load of the best entertainment, celebs, interviews, skits and live music.

Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from Twitter:

“#Roveau is my hero. #PilotWeek” – Sam Dastyari

“You actually got me to turn off Netflix. That’s impressive!” – Ryan Betson

“There’s no way that’s not getting picked up for a full series” – Mark Humphries

“Great job” – Todd Sampson

“Bring it back for sure” – Sarah Harris

Pilot Week will be returning to 10 and 10 play in 2019, so get ready for a fresh batch of brand spanking new shows.

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