The Hunt Is Over: Full Seasons Of Hunted UK And US Coming To 10 Play

Call off the search, there will be even more of Australia’s favourite new show for you to dive into in September.

It’s our new obsession, and after the epic premiere of the first season of Hunted Australia, there will be even more Hunted to binge-watch on demand from September 1.  With six full seasons of the version that started it all, Hunted UK, plus a season of Hunted US, you’ll be planning your life on the run in no time.

The most intense game of cat and mouse you’ve ever seen, contestants become fugitives and must go on the run for a specific period of time, while a team of Hunters made up of former and serving intelligence personnel and ground hunters attempt to track them down.

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They’ll do everything they can to avoid capture and make it to the final extraction point in an attempt to win a share of prize money waiting for them at the end. But the Hunters won’t make it easy on them.

Premiering back in 2015, Hunted UK was the series that kicked the global phenomenon off and fans of the Aussie version will recognise a baby-faced Ben Owen, who has starred across the UK, US and Aussie versions doing his best to track down fugitives across the world.

The Aussie season was a smashing success, and many of the fugitives spoke about how their love of the original UK seasons had inspired them to see how far they could get on the run.

Full seasons of Hunted US and UK join the first season of Hunted Australia, on demand on 10 play from September 1!