Revisit Anna Torv’s Iconic Early Role In The Secret Life Of Us

Before making waves in The Last Of Us, Fringe and The Newsreader, Anna Torv starred in classic Aussie drama The Secret Life Of Us, streaming in full on 10 Play.

Since making her mark on HBO’s The Last Of Us, Anna Torv’s name has been trending online. Her character Tess, known for her tough and no-frills attitude, only had a short stint on the popular series. But after that fateful episode (if you know, you know), she will forever go down as a hero.

If you’re missing the Gold Coast-born actor on your TV screen, dip into the archives and check out one of her first TV roles right here on 10 Play. Before she was Tess in The Last Of Us or Helen Norville in The Newsreader, Torv was the iconic Nikki Martel in The Secret Life Of Us.

A twenty-something finding her feet by the beach in St Kilda, Torv’s character Nikki was known for her abrasive personality. Constantly butting heads with her friends and foes, Nikki sought out the drama and loved it – and viewers did too.

Or at least loved to hate her.

Revolving around a group of Aussie friends navigating the highs and lows of their twenties, The Secret Life Of Us tells some relatable truths about life, love and all things adulting. Nikki enters the show in the fourth season and, unafraid to speak her truth, begins to ruffle feathers as soon as she enters the share-house in St Kilda. An effortless beauty with brains and an attitude to boot- Nikki is an iconic character brought to life by an iconic actor.

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