Some Aussies Chose To Vote In Their Budgie Smugglers This Election & We Now Know Why

Everyone has the democratic right to vote how they want, and apparently, that extends to being able to vote in your undies.

You might have voted for a specific colour, but did you vote fully dressed or in your budgie smugglers?

An unusual PR stunt launched by Aussie brand Budgy Smuggler launched via an Instagram post competition to win a pair of their swimmers if you post a photo at the polling booth in your undies.

The brand stated, “The election is coming in hot, and while we don’t mind who you vote for, we do want you to exercise your constitutional right to vote without pants on.”

Considering in many parts of the country, we were heading into cold, winter weather, we’re not sure how many people opted to take them up on the offer.

But taking a peek at their insta, it looks like a few brave people went for it.