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Rare Pokemon Card Sells For $1.25 Million, Setting New Record

Pokemon card collectors, it's time to have a look through your cards.

A rare 1998 Pokemon card has sold for USD$900,000 (AU$1.25 million), setting a new record.

The 1998 Pikachu 'Illustrator' Holo promo card was auctioned through Goldin, which specialises in collectables.

"One of the most elusive and significant Pokemon cards, the scarce Pocket Monsters Japanese Promo 'Illustrator' Holographic Pikachu card," the listing said.

"It is the only card to display the 'ILLUSTRATOR' heading and is the lone Pokemon card to feature the unique "pen" logo on the bottom right-hand corner of the item."

According to the auction site, the incredible amount of money was raised in just 34 bids.

"An all-time record public sale for any Pokémon card," Goldin said in a tweet.

The card was given a seven out of 10 rating for quality with Professional Sports Authenticator.

According to the auction listing, there have only been 23 'Illustrator' Holo cards graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator, with just one other receiving a rating of seven.