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Metaverse Company to Offer Immortality Through ‘Live Forever’ Mode

You would be able to speak to loved ones who are no longer us, through ‘Live Forever’ mode.

Somnium Space is developing technology where you'll be able to interact with loved ones after they die. When CEO and founder of Somnium Space, Artur Sychov, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, he began to wonder if there was some way in which his children might be able to chat with him after he was gone.   

"It kind of hit me that the time I had with him was limited," he told Vice.  

"Literally, if I die—and I have this data collected—people can come or my kids, they can come in, and they can have a conversation with my avatar, with my movements, with my voice," he said.   

"You will meet the person. And you would maybe for the first 10 minutes while talking to that person; you would not know that it's actually AI. That's the goal."  

"Live Forever" would be an avatar that moves, talks and sounds just like you. Basically, it would continue to be you, long after you die, which means family and friends could still interact with you.   

Sychov feels that this kind of innovation for the Metaverse, around the human experience, is worth investing in. "They think that it's about selling NFTs and brands selling their stuff, but it's not about that," he said. "It's much deeper."  

Unlike Facebook, now known as Meta, Somnium Space doesn't make money by selling people's data to advertisers. The virtual-reality concept would require a concerning amount of data for it to work. "That's why Facebook is so scary," he said. "It's scary to have Facebook as the leading metaverse."  

Talking about Somnium Space, "We are a decentralized world," Sychov said. "We don't want to know your name. We don't care about who you are. 

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