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Melbourne Council Seeks To Ban Dogs From Ovals & Playgrounds To The Dismay Of Dog Owners

Mornington Peninsula Shire wants to ban dogs from sports ovals and playgrounds to protect the public and playing grounds.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire has caused a stir amongst dog owners after announcing it seeks to ban dogs from using sports ovals and playgrounds. 

At least 12 dog parks from Mount Eliza up to Portsea would be out of bounds for the four-legged residents.

Furious dog owners say the plan would leave them just one leash-free park on the southern peninsula and lead to more dog fights.

‘Leash Free Mornington Peninsula’ founder, Christine Healy, told The Herald Sun the region had one of the highest levels of dog ownership in Victoria, with 25,250 dogs registered in 2020, which is likely to have increased within those two years.

“The council should be opening more dog parks, not closing them down,” Ms Healy said.

“It’s not like there has been a spate in dog attacks at reserves,”

“I know some complain about dog poo on sports grounds, and there are a handful of people doing the wrong thing.”

Mornington Peninsula Shire Community Safety and Compliance manager Shannon Maynard said the policy was being developed to “ensure a consistent approach” to dog off leash and prohibited areas.

He said the council would consider an updated draft of the policy in July and decide if it was ready for public consultation.