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Holy Flashback! The Batmobile From The '91 AFL Grand Final Is For Sale

The Batmobile that carried Angry Anderson around Waverley Park is for sale.

Technically it’s a car but it looks more like cartoon spaceship meets boat, although it is perfect for getting that tight parking spot facing the corner.

The strange transportation device, coined ‘The Batmobile’, appeared at the 1991 AFL Grand Final between Hawthorn and the West Coast Eagles.

The eBay auction ends on September 27 and has already attracted 62 bids. The price currently sits at $9,400.00.

The seller states that “…the grand final AFL batmobile is in running condition”. This is amazing when you consider that it doesn’t have visible wheels.

It can be assumed these bidders don’t actually intend to drive this car around, the back seat looks like a couch covered in an old theatre curtain and sits high enough you might even get taken out by a low bridge. There is also not a seatbelt in sight.

Safety aside, visually it’s quite unappealing. The car looks like it’s made of playdough, which makes sense when you consider it also looks like it was designed by an imaginative 8 year old.

Maybe I’m just not enough of a football or Jetsons fan but I’m going to add this car to the below list of strange cars I never want to be seen driving, unless I'm on a theme park ride.

Birds Eye Pea Car
I don't need kids yelling 'pee' jokes at me. Image: asylymsfx.com
I don't know how to change a bike tyre, which seems essential. Image: autordee.com

And of course...

Nissan Cube
Why are there so many of these around? I've seen at least 5 this year.

Every time I see one I'm irrationally angrier than Angry Anderson.

Main image: EBay