Crocs Are Being Banned From Airports, Train Stations And Shopping Centres

Crocs have been banned from escalators in some airports, train stations and shopping centres after a series of scary incidents.

Since launching 20 years ago, the iconic shoes have gone through a wave of popularity,

According to, there have been multiple incidents involving the shoes getting stuck in escalators. 

Now airports and shopping centres have put warnings on the machinery to avoid a potential disaster.

Images posted to Reddit showed some have banned the ‘soft shoes’.

“Take extra care when wearing,” one reads.

“Crocs are banned on all escalators,” another states.

Recently in Sydney, a four-year-old girl almost lost her foot at the airport.

Lisa Brennan’s daughter Fiadh was wearing Crocs when she suddenly became hysterical.

“I was trying to pull her shoe out but then she started getting really hysterical and I realised something was wrong,” Ms Brennan told Yahoo News Australia.

“So I started shouting at people to please press the emergency stop button but people in front of me just didn’t understand what was happening.”

“[Eventually] A guy behind me that could see her foot was stuck, so he jumped over me and ran down and pressed it.”

Thankfully, Fiadh was able to escape without any serious damage, but this isn’t the only isolated incident between Crocs and escalators.

British mother Olivia Jill recently posted on Facebook a warning to parents about the danger of the shoe, after her daughter’s pink Crocs got stuck in the side of an escalator.

She was able to yank her daughter’s shoe out, but wanted to share her thoughts of the “freak accident to warn others to keep their children away from the sides”.

Images showed the toe of the shoe was ripped out, with part of it remaining in the escalator.