‘Can Australia Please Make That Show?’: Charlotte Crosby Is Already Planning Her Return Down Under

The star of The Charlotte Show caught up with 10 play to discuss what she had been up to during lockdown, and the show she’s been dreaming of doing for years.

The last time we saw Charlotte, she had just emerged from the South African jungle just days before the grand finale of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Season 6.

Just a few weeks after returning home, the world drastically changed.

“Not in a million years when I got out of that jungle did I think this was going to happen,” Charlotte said over the phone.

While her house was being renovated, Charlotte moved back home with her family which she said had been a silver lining, giving them the opportunity to spend time together. “We’ve all been holding up really well… we’ve actually had some nice times.”

Keeping busy during lockdown, Charlotte hosted Lockdown Laughs and Games Live.

“I think if it wasn’t for those shows I would have maybe gone into like, you know how some people went into a bit of a bad place where you just felt a bit hopeless and with nothing to do?” Charlotte said. “Without having them big laughs and doing them really silly projects, it kept us sane to be honest.

“Because you weren’t allowed to see any friends, it just brought that fun back into my life, it was a little light in life.”

Another project close to Charlotte’s heart was Geordie Shore: Our Story, a return for the original cast who each had an episode where they took a stroll down memory lane. When the series was initially reported, many believed Charlotte was returning to the series that catapulted her into worldwide stardom.

“People are getting it confused thinking we’re all going back into the Geordie Shore house to reunite,” she said, explaining, “none of us are even together in the episodes. Everyone has their own episode and they talk about their story, but it was amazing to do.

“There were a lot of tears and just a lot of loveliness. It really makes you realise how far you’ve come when you’ve got to go all the way back.”

A few years after leaving Geordie Shore, Charlotte stepped out with her own series, The Charlotte Show.

“Well it’s just basically like a show about me, the clue is in the title, to be honest,” she joked. “But it basically follows us around everywhere, even if I go to the toilet the camera’s just there. S***s and all, do you know what I mean?

“Just picture a fly on the wall throughout my whole life, for three years,” Charlotte continued, “that saying has never rung truer than in this situation. You are basically a fly on the wall throughout my whole life.”

And while she’s starred in reality shows like Geordie Shore and The Charlotte Show, and competed in shows like Celebrity Big Brother UK and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here Australia, Charlotte has had her heart set on one show in particular for several years.

“I’ve always wanted to do Dancing on Ice,” she admitted. “It’s really risky but it looks like a lot of fun!”

Charlotte has posted about her dream to compete on the series that sees celebs take on the world of figure skating.

“I’d love to do it,” Charlotte continued, adding, “Can Australia please make that show and have us? It seems like Australia likes us better than England. I think we’ve just got to start doing everything in Australia from now on.”

Having last visited earlier in the year, Charlotte said once the world opens up its borders again she’s already planning a return trip — with or without her ice skates.

“I want to see all of my I’m A Celebrity pals. I want to see Dale… Tanya… Miguel. I miss everyone, I miss Australia!”

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