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‘Chocolate Broke Us’: Holly And Dolor Eliminated From The Amazing Race Australia

Without a doubt one of the most entertaining teams in The Amazing Race Australia, on Sunday night Holly and Dolor were sadly eliminated from the competition.

Without a doubt one of the most entertaining teams in The Amazing Race Australia, on Sunday night Holly and Dolor were sadly eliminated from the competition.

With many teams struggling to build a house of cards, the power couple’s chance of staying in the race seemed to slip away from them with every misplaced card. Alongside the cowboys Brendon and Jackson, Holly and Dolor knew they had a tough fight on their hands to stay in the race.

Holly and Dolor house of cards

“Dolor and I were the only ones who hadn’t won a leg out of the other teams at that stage,” Holly told 10 play, “so we knew we were on limited legs. Knowing we were going up against the cowboys was definitely daunting,” she added.

But it was the most unexpected of detours that saw the pair undone: licking a slab of chocolate. Teams had to lick a massive slab of white chocolate to reveal a message leading them to their next clue. Despite knowing they were at the back of the pack, Dolor refused to help Holly, urging her to change tasks.

“People who know me know I don’t share food,” Dolor said, laughing. “I’ve been that way ever since I was one… so after a couple of licks, you see the residue there, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to but I knew I couldn’t because I’m like, I’d rather not vomit.”

“Chocolate broke us,” Holly added.

The pair kept referring to the “sliming residue” that was running down the chocolate, and despite having been partners for almost six years, the thought of trading a mix of spit and white chocolate was too much for them.

“I could see Dolor’s residue sliding down and all I wanted him to do was lick his little residue off so I could continue my licks,” Holly said. “I knew Dolor doesn’t like germs and things but I thought, maybe because it’s his girlfriend he’ll just lick it.”

“Gross,” Dolor quietly added.

“At least Dolor’s true to his word, he is who he is and he doesn’t change,” Holly said, laughing.

It was a nightmare leg for the pair who, after the house of cards debacle, had to abseil down the side of a building. Dolor, having to confront his fear of heights once again, powered through only to be met with another of his dislikes.

Teams had to climb a tower and count the number of stairs.

“The thing is,” Dolor said, “I’ve now realised I hate stairs. I actually take the lift wherever I can. I don’t like walking up them, I don’t like walking down them and there were just so many stairs.”

On his first attempt, in the final ten steps, Dolor’s count jumped from 300 to 400, meaning he had to descend and ascend the tower several more times before he got the answer right.

“I just thought, what’s going on here? I’ve been to university and I can’t count anymore, what’s going on?”

Holly said, “If I did that challenge the cowboys would have gone home 100 percent.”

“Holly does a lot of things better than me,” Dolor agreed, “she carried us through that race. If she’d have done the stair challenge I think the cowboys would have gone home. But it wasn’t meant to be.”

Throughout the race, the pair said they had their “highest highs and lowest lows” a relationship can have as the pressures of the competition saw them having arguments they wouldn’t normally have.

“It definitely did strain our relationship a bit,” Holly admitted, “but we can look back now and it makes us feel closer.”

“I mean, after each leg of non-stop arguing,” Dolor added, “going through and doing all the roadblocks, detours and driving back and forth around Australia, after you check-in and finally get fed (which makes a big, big difference) we just go back to normal Dolor and Holly.

“We didn’t take anything to heart that happened throughout the day, we get over it,” he said.

Watching the show back, the pair said they’ve definitely had their fair share of cringe-worthy moments.

“People think we’re entertaining and then people think I’m a complete tool and it’s like… I get where they’re coming from,” Dolor said, laughing.

“I’m watching it thinking, did I really say that? Did I actually say that? What’s wrong with this guy!”

“It’s hilarious,” Holly added. “Even though there are some bits which are definitely cringe-worthy, looking back I can definitely have a laugh and I’m glad — even though we didn’t win this was a second-best.

“It captured a true representation of our race compared to a lot of other teams, I’m happy we ran the race exactly how we did. I wouldn’t change anything,” she continued.

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