12 Times Supernatural Killed It This Season

Lucifer is on the rampage, the Nephilim is about to be born, and the fate of the universe is hanging in the balance. Before God’s disparate and disgruntled creatures battle it out, let’s relive the highlights of another excellent season of Supernatural

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

1. The resurrection of Mary

It was the Winchester matriarch’s murder by the demon Azazel that led Sam and Dean’s grief-stricken, revenge-seeking father down the hunter’s path, dragging his children by the teeth behind him. Her presence has been felt – at times, quite literally – over the past 11 seasons, but having her here on the physical plane for season 12 has been a real treat.

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

2. Rockstar Lucifer

Lucifer, the big bad Angel with the daddy issues, has possessed some interesting forms over the years. While the President of the United States was definitely one of them, inhabiting Rick Springfield’s body was a bigger highlight. 

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

3. Sam’s sex fantasy

Physical torture cloaked with a pleasurable sex hallucination? It almost worked, almost. 

4. Hitler’s spirit was trapped in a pocket watch

Because it never takes itself too seriously, Supernatural can pretty much do whatever it wants. Hitler’s spirit trapped inside a pocket watch until some evil minion set him free? Yep, it happened, resulting in…

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

5. Dean killing Hitler

And possibly one of the best lines ever. 

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

6. Dean lost his memory

Any storyline that calls on Jenson Ackles to showcase his comedic abilities is a win with us. 

7. The British Men of Letters

These guys are hard-core conservatives. They have a zero tolerance policy toward anything supernatural. Like, they think one crazy supe trying to destroy human kind means all supes are crazy and want to destroy human kind. These guys are all very ‘they hate our freedom’, ‘build a wall’, ‘make America safe again.’ But on TV at least, the much more level-headed tolerant accepting people (and supes) often win the day. 

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

8. The Reservoir Dogs episode

Aptly titled ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’, this episode was one big homage to Tarantino. Bring on next year’s Scooby Doo ep!

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

9. Castiel used to be a woman

Not that this is surprising. Gender doesn’t seem to be that important to God’s not-so-favourite creations. 

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

10. The colt

It’s been some time since the Winchesters held its barrel in their hands, and while said barrel may no longer be in working condition, it was super exciting to see back in the game.

11. Lucifer’s Nephilim

Is there anything more dramatic than the birth of an abomination that may destroy the world? At least that’s what everyone thought the spawn of Lucifer and a US President’s intern would turn out to be. That was until said spawn communicated with Castiel, supposedly revealing the coming of a bright future. 

Supernatural, season 12, channel eleven

12. La familia

This season in many ways was a like a good family drama, with Dean, Sam, and Mary trying to revel in the joy of their reunion, while traversing all the pain her death has caused. With only one more episode to go, pray to God (in or out of the form of Chuck Shurley), that they all survive what’s to come.

The Supernatural season finale airs 9.30 Monday June 12 on ELEVEN