The Two Moments That Made Everyone Fall In Love With Tonka's Adam D'Sylva Even More

On Monday night, Adam D'Sylva brought his team from the award-winning Melbourne restaurant Tonka to challenge the contestants.

Kicking off a week full of service challenges where the MasterChef contestants face-off against professional chefs in an attempt to 'beat the brigade', Adam and his team from Tonka not only flexed their culinary chops but also made a huge impression on all of us.

This isn't Adam's first time appearing in the MasterChef kitchen, appearing most recently in a head-to-head corn battle with Larissa in an immunity cook in Season 11 where she beat him by just three points.

Hoping to settle the score and win back his honour, Adam and his team went up against Linda, Elise, Eric and Depinder in a tense challenge of globe-trotting.

Despite losing once again, Adam still came out on top after two moments showed his real skill at being a powerful force of chaotic good in the kitchen.

Proving that being a true MasterChef isn't all about the plates of food you're serving up but also the way you conduct yourself in the kitchen, Adam won the overall night as the king of the kitchen, through his ongoing fits of giggles to helping the Pink Team throughout the challenge.

Watching Eric struggle to fillet a kingfish, Adam quickly ran over to the Pink Team's station where he gave the contestants a quick masterclass on technique.

The moment perfectly summarised what MasterChef is - a celebration of the outstanding skills of those in the culinary industry, and the contestants who are absorbing everything they can to gain more knowledge in the kitchen.

Also, it was just super heartwarming.

During the challenge, the main courses turned into a war of the seafood curries, with the Pink Team plating up a prawn ghee roast and the Tonka Team serving a Bengali seafood curry.

After their last plates had been sent out to service, Adam went over to the bench where Depinder's curry was to taste for himself what the queen of flavour had put together.

"I reckon it tastes better than our Bengali sauce," Adam said to a shocked Depinder.

We can't wait to see Adam come back ASAP for another challenge.

Up next, the remaining contestants will face-off against chefs from more of Melbourne's best restraunts, MoVida, Lucy Liu, and Stokehouse.

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