MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves: Meet The Top 10

We’re getting closer to the pointy end of the competition, and for these 10 chefs, the end is clearly in sight.

They’ve tackled Mystery Boxes and Pressure Tests and have served the judges some incredible dishes, now these 10 chefs will continue to battle it out in the hopes that they will be crowned MasterChef for 2022.

Meet the Top 10:

Aldo Ortado

Returning to the MasterChef kitchen after becoming a fan favourite in Season 10, Aldo has brought back the smiles, the shouts and all the delicious dishes inspired by his Nonna. This season, Aldo has consistently cooked from the heart, pouring emotion into every challenge, and serving the judges a taste of Naples at every turn.

Memorable Dishes:

Pasta E Fagioli

Octopus and Octopus Broth

Alvin Quah

It had been over a decade since Alvin had competed in the second season of MasterChef, but some things never change – and we’re not just talking about his never-ending supply of iconic glasses. Early on in the competition, Alvin spoke about his struggles with feeling like he belonged back in the competition, but his ability to serve the judges rich, flavourful and delicious dishes inspired by his Malaysian heritage continues to impress.

Memorable Dishes:

Mum’s Nyonya Egg Curry

Fermented Tofu and Soy Braised Pork with Marbled Tea Soaked Eggs

Billie McKay

One of the three winners to return to the competition, Billie clearly had her reputation on the line stepping behind the bench once more. Having left the culinary world for a more peaceful life on her family dairy farm, Billie has spoken about using her time in the competition to reignite her creativity in the kitchen. Having shown the judges what a powerhouse she is when it comes to unique flavour combos, incredible desserts and a casual-cool demeanour under any pressure, could Billie take out the top spot once again?

Memorable Dishes:

Curry Leaf Parfait with Passionfruit, Coconut and Spiced White Chocolate

Crispy Potatoes with Beef Tartare and BBQ Meatloaf Sauce

Daniel Lamble

One of just three remaining Fans in the competition, no one is full of more surprises than Dan. Admitting that he never expected to make it to the Top 24, Dan has proven time and time again that he shouldn’t be underestimated, plating up restaurant-worthy dishes and smashing out some near-perfect Pressure Tests. But perhaps Dan’s greatest journey of all is his newfound love and appreciation for the humble kale.

Memorable Dishes:

Ocean Spare Ribs with Spicy Salsa

Braised Kale with Cucumber Broth, Aniseed and Cinnamon Myrtle Chilli Oil 

Julie Goodwin

The OG, the very first MasterChef ever crowned in Australia, Julie Goodwin returned to the competition terrified that the competition may have outgrown her homestyle cooking. And how wrong she was! Each week Julie serves the judges a hug on a plate, and her ability to perfectly balance flavours never fails to bring a smile to the judges’ faces.

Memorable Dishes:

Moroccan Lamb Shoulder with Labneh and Jewelled Couscous

Prawn and Chorizo Paella with Anchovy Crumb

Keyma Vasquez Montero

Keyma has been the quiet achiever in the MasterChef kitchen this year, as one of the chefs who is yet to fall into an elimination Pressure Test  – but during Marco Pierre White’s Immunity Pressure Test, Keyma’s almost identical dish not only earned her immunity but also saw her become the first contestant in the top 12. With a mix of Latin, Caribbean, Italian and Australian influences, Keyma’s approach to the competition has wowed the judges time and time again.

Memorable Dishes:

Chupe de Camarones

Caribbean Prawn Curry with Pineapple Salsa, Fried Flatbread

Mindy Woods

In her original season, Mindy just missed out on the final three in a season that saw none other than Andy Allen take the top spot. Knowing how close she was to that finale, Mindy has come back into the competition determined, armed with her passion for native ingredients she has continued to spotlight their versatility and deliciousness.

Memorable Dishes:

Chinese Mushroom and Warrigal Green Omelette with Chinese Style Broth

Fried Saltbush with Bush Tomato Mayonnaise

Montana Hughes

Though she was the youngest in the competition this year, Montana has proven that age means nothing when it comes to plating up incredible dishes. The Tik Tok influencer has shown her skills when it comes to elegant desserts, and her natural talents have seen her soar during Pressure Tests.

Memorable Dishes:

Brown Butter Parfait, Fennel Caramel, Fennel Crumb And Apple And Fennel Sorbet

Date and Shallot Stuffed Shallot with a Cauliflower and Parsnip Purée

Sarah Todd

First appearing in Season 6 of MasterChef Australia, Sarah’s classical French training and love of Indian cuisine have seen her play to her strengths each week as she honours both cultures with perfectly balanced, well-executed and absolutely stunning dishes. 

Memorable Dishes:


Butter Poached Lobster with Spiced Bouillabaisse, Curry Leaf Aioli and Pickled Cucumber

Tommy Pham

Having just competed in the competition last year, Tommy emerged as an instant fan favourite. Excited to be back in the kitchen Tommy has continued to do what he does best by whipping up the most delicious dishes inspired by his Vietnamese heritage. Despite being the only remaining Fave to have the least amount of time out in the real world, Tommy has returned to the competition with a mastery of flavour and technique that saw him sail into the Top 10.

Memorable Dishes:

Bún Mắm

Soy Sauce Fish with Ginger and Garlic Oil

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