Billie McKay Wins MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves

In a historic turn, Billie McKay becomes the first chef to win MasterChef Australia for the second time.

Echoing her time on Season 7, cooking a Heston Blumenthal dish in a final Pressure Test, Billie not only made up for lost points, but managed to win the season by two points.

Standing in the Grand Finale alongside Sarah Todd, Billie had a fumble during Round 1 where her panna cotta wasn't properly set, putting her behind by five points.

At the end of the epic battle, Billie stunned the judges during the Pressure Test, earning her a 9 out of 10 from Andy, Jock and Heston, and a perfect 10 from Melissa, granting her a final score of 58 out of 70, just inching out Sarah's final score of 56.

Knowing she had a lot of ground to make up, Billie had to make sure that her recreation of Heston's Taffety Tart wasn't just perfect, but it almost exceeded the original.

"I felt like there was really no way in hell I would make those points back," a shell-shocked Billie told 10 play following her incredible win. "I knew it was possible, but I knew it was going to be a massive hill to climb and I just had to make sure to do everything perfectly."

But Billie's cook was anything but perfect, with several of her elements having to be re-done when they weren't up to her standards. Having to restart her sugar for her caramel early in the cook, Billie also made the decision to remake her puff pastry and her crumble elements when they didn't come out absolutely perfect the first time.

"I knew time was going to be the biggest pressure because it always is in MasterChef challenges," Billie continued, "but I just had to move fast and I had to make quick decisions."

When she won Season 7, Billie was offered a job at Heston's London eatery The Fat Duck on the spot. Standing back in the MasterChef kitchen facing another one of his challenges, Billie couldn't have been more familiar with Heston's sky-high standards.

"I think perfect, for Heston, just doesn't cut it most of the time. He's an absolute genius and you almost have to make the dish better than what he presents to get good points for it," Billie said.

And despite having to remake certain elements, worrying that she may run out of time to put every element on the plate, Billie still retained her signature calm as she ran around the MasterChef kitchen, admitting she felt a bit like a duck on the water.

"Paddling so intensely and crazily underneath but trying to remain calm - or at least look calm so that I'm left alone and keep doing what I have to do to get that bloody dish finished," she said, laughing.

"It definitely was the most stressful challenge that I faced in that season, and I think in the season I did before as well. It was the hardest dish I think I've ever attempted."

Though emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted after the massive second round, Billie said despite being "pretty wrecked" she couldn't have been more pleased with her decision to go back and remake elements and present a version of the Taffety Tart to Heston and the judges that she was happy with.

Following her time in the Fat Duck, Billie returned home and to her family farm, noting that a handful of factors had contributed to her stepping away from creative cooking.

"I was still cooking, but not in that way that made me excited. Having a baby and all that comes with that takes up a lot of your time, and I wasn't cooking as much as I was.

"Working at The Fat Duck was fantastic, but very intense and not the sort of style of cooking that I really enjoyed, so it scared me a bit and I felt like I needed a break from it," Billie continued. "Getting that phone call to come back [to MasterChef], I dove in and I'm very, very glad now that I did."

Now, with a historic second win under her belt, Billie said she "definitely will be cooking".

"I want to start little, something small in the area where I live on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. I'll be looking around there and starting to do some cooking there."

But first, Billie's immediate plans are a much-needed break.

"I've been away from Ada, my daughter, for a good while now so I just want to have some quality time with her and Haydn my husband as well."

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