A Look Back At Some Of Dessert King Reynold Poernomo’s Iconic MasterChef Creations

Since the very first time he walked into the MasterChef kitchen, Reynold has wowed judges, fellow chefs and fans across the globe with his sweet treats.

From the mind-bogglingly beautiful to the most ornate and delicate desserts, Reynold is a master of creativity and knows how to pack a punch with flavour.

This week he’s challenging the Fans and Faves in a Pressure Test that will surely push them to their limits. Ahead of Reynold’s return to the kitchen we take a look back at some of his most iconic, mouthwatering and eye-catching desserts from his time in the MasterChef kitchen.

Coconut Panna Cotta

Reynold Coconut Panna Cotta

Back in season 7, Reynold’s first-ever dish he presented to the judges was his coconut panna cotta. Thought it was just his audition dish, the judges called it the “best dessert” they had tasted in six years, before they licked the plate clean.

Get the recipe here.

White Noise

reynold white noise koi

Returning to the competition in Back To Win, Reynold had already established himself as one of the greatest talents when it came to original desserts. Serving the judges, and special guest Gordon Ramsay, his White Noise, the dish was showered with praise for being ‘so technical, breathtaking’ with Mel even admitting it was “almost a shame to ruin it” as she ran her spoon through the many technical elements.

Get the recipe here.

Down The Rabbit Hole

reynold down the rabbit hole

Another incredibly memorable dish from Back To Win was when Reynold crafted a rabbit hole inspired by Alice In Wonderland. Already a beautiful tableau of elements, Reynold took things to the next level when he poured caramel onto the dish, melting it to reveal the rabbit hole, turning an already beautiful dish into an incredible experience.

Get the recipe here.

The Snitch

reynold golden snitch recipe

For the last Immunity Challenge of Back To Win, Reynold knew he had to whip up something magical, so he did quite literally that. Creating a dessert version of the golden snitch from Harry Potter, Reynold plated up what the judges called one of his best dishes he had ever made.

Get the recipe here.

Passionfruit Sphere and Coconut Granita with Pineapple

reynold passionfruit sphere and coconut granita

Having already established himself as the dessert king of season 7, and quite possibly the competition as a whole, Reynold continued to showcase his skills and ability to plate up visually striking and absolutely delicious dishes.

Get the recipe here.

Apple Pie And Cinnamon Parfait

Only Reynold could take something simple and homey like an apple pie and elevate it, encasing in a crystalline sphere of sugar just begging to be cracked open.

Get the recipe here.

Forbidden Fruit

Back in season 7, in just the second week of the competition Reynold was still plating up incredible sweet treats, like his chocolate mousse hidden under a raspberry coulis and ganache shell, sitting on top of a chocolate soil.

Get the recipe here.


Sticking with the earthy theme, Reynold proved he was a fun-guy by creating fungi from milk chocolate, hazelnut mousse and almond tulle. It almost looked too beautiful to eat… almost!

Get the recipe here.

We can only imagine what ridiculous challenge Reynold has in store for the Fans & Faves when he returns to the MasterChef kitchen this week!

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