'We're Prepared To Do What It Takes': Mitch And Mark Take On The Hunt For Dream Homes

Dynamic property duo Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie travel across the country, helping house-hunting hopefuls find their forever home in Location, Location, Location.

Premiering on Friday, June 30 at 7.30pm, Location, Location, Location follows Mitch and Mark as they meet families across Australia who have been hunting for their forever home, their dream home, or just the next place to call home.

Since 2005 Mitch and Mark have perfected their skills in buying, renovating and 'flipping' properties, and in almost two decades the pair have renovated over 20 properties and, in 2021, were crowned winners of The Block.

Now, they're bringing their expertise in buying, negotiation and the market, and teaching everyday Aussies the ropes, all in an effort to help families find the perfect home.

"Meeting all the different sorts of people is great because it's not just about the property they're looking for," Mark told 10 Play. "You're dealing with the emotional baggage that they bring as part of looking for a property.

"Most of them have had a long time looking and are feeling frustrated about what they can and can't afford," he continued. "There's also some of the dynamics between them, one of the couple may want something different or their priorities are different. You navigate that as well as getting them into properties."

The pair are given a big background on each of the families they meet throughout the series, then do their best to find a shortlist of properties that suit their budget, family structures and desired areas.

"Sometimes they talk about what they need in a house and what they need in an area and the two don't marry up," Mitch said, "because to get what they need in a house they can't afford in the area they want."

Mitch also explained that often families are looking for what they call their "forever home" when they're really looking for something to suit their current phase of life.

"Having been through several life stages, single, family and then empty nesters, we've gone through those life stages of what affects your home," he said.

"It really is talking to them about what is the lifestyle they want, what's the budget they have and how do you bring them together?" Mark added.

Bringing their signature fun and flair to what can often be an overwhelmingly stressful experience, Mitch and Mark also found themselves getting emotionally invested in the experience, with many instances of the pair fighting back tears.

"We get over-invested,Mitch said, laughing. "We are so bad. I have to stop myself from saying, 'I think WE have this one!' It's not mine, it's theirs!"

"Mitch and I are very passionate about property and being able to help people," Mark agreed. "We're prepared to do what it takes, so that's why when somebody gets the property it's a relief."

"And we only get that way when we think it's right for them which won't necessarily be the property that we would choose," Mitch said. "We get on board because we’re not a realtor, we’re not going to benefit from them buying, but we really want a lot of them who have been looking for way too long to take the step to get on the ladder."

The pair are so committed to helping the families that appear on the show that, if they're unsuccessful in finding the right property they'll try to keep in touch for weeks after filming.

"Sometimes when we finish filming they can think, 'Well I missed out', but we're not just there to make a TV show," Mitch continued. "The whole crew is very invested in making sure we get them into a home.

"I've got about four people I’m currently talking to that have been through the program that I’m trying to help them take that step," he said. For one couple, six weeks after filming they managed to buy a house. "I was there at the auction, helping them, it was such a buzz," Mitch said, adding that there were "more tears".

The fact that the property market is constantly changing also means that the whole crew needed to be agile and able to adapt. After showing a family one property, they may realise that the others on the shortlist wouldn't be suitable.

"We show them three or four properties on the show, which can be out of a pile of 50 we've really done a deep dive into, and assessed the market value on each of those," Mitch explained.

"It's quite dynamic," Mark agreed, "we've had properties that have come on overnight or it's off-market and we're able to get you in... it's like, okay we're showing you something different this morning."

Hoping to show house-hunters across the country ways to handle the tough property market, and giving tips and tricks when it comes to the whole journey -- from inspecting to negotiating and auctions -- Mitch and Mark had a blast doing what they do best.

"We're at a stage in life where we only want to do things that make us happy," Mitch said. "Since we've been together, property has always been part of our life at an increasing level.

"I think doing The Block did a lot to us personally. Every moment counts and to say yes to everything that brings more joy," he said.

"And I think the feel-good element, to us, is important," Mark added. "We've been through so much through the last number of years. The feel-good element, when you get to the end and go wow, isn't that great -- I'm so happy they found something.

"I like the fact people will be able to relate, they'll be able to see property porn but they'll also see people who are really just your average Aussies trying to get a home for the family."

LocationLocationLocation premieres Friday 30 June at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play