What Is The End Game Of Limitless?

Each week a new case is solved, but one thing gets more and more mysterious. What is Bradley Cooper’s character up to? An angel one minute and a devil the next, State Senator Eddie Morra is as likely to land you a comfy job in the FBI as he is to poison your ailing father.

He was a good guy in the 2011 film Limitless, but a lot can happen in four years. Without using any NZT (we’re straight-edge) The Insider uses its collective brainpower to figure out Eddie Morra’s master plan…

World Domination

Limitless Bradley Cooper What Is He Up To

The go-to of master plans. A U.S State Senator is a leap and a hop away from the U.S President, and from there world domination is simply a matter of diplomacy. It’s conceivable that Eddie is using Brian Finch as an FBI contact, presumably to get confidential dirt on political opponents. Trump will be trumped, Palin will pale, but Eddie will be steady.

Wants a good coffee boy

When you’re on NZT 24/7 like Eddie Morra is, a regular skim flat white isn’t going to do it for you. Presumably his coffee order is so complex and nuanced that even molecular scientists can’t comprehend it. He needs a solid, intelligent, reliable and sure-footed coffee boy to remember, collect and deliver the order. This whole FBI charade is simply a test to determine Brian Finch’s grit during important missions. 

Wants more info on NZT

Limitless Bradley Cooper What Is He Up To

The obvious answer. Information is worth its weight in gold, and the FBI have got nuggets of it lying around. The respectable state senator Morra runs on NZT, and more government-funded Intel on his staple drug would be very valuable. Brian Finch is his mole. 

Wants to open an Italian Restaurant called ‘Morra Pizza’

Limitless Bradley Cooper What Is He Up To

With a last name like Morra, Eddie was born to own an Italian food restaurant. Despite his lack of Italian heritage, his restaurant will more than make up for it with menu items such as ‘Senator Salad,’ ‘Eddie Spaghetti’ and ‘Morra Bresaola.’ Eddie is grooming Brian to be his successor before he takes off on his Neapolitan dream.

Wants a fellow spirit

Being a superpowered thinking machine can be lonely sometimes. Many a night Eddie leans on his windowsill, thousand-yard stare in his eyes, yearning for an intellectual equal. Brian Finch can be that equal, and by the end of the season we’ll see the pair of them sipping complex coffee, discussing quantum mechanics and chuckling intelligently. 

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