I’m A Celebrity 2023: Liz Ellis Crowned Queen Of The Jungle

Australia has voted and sporting legend Liz Ellis has taken the jungle throne.

After spending several weeks living in the middle of the South African jungle, our final three celebrities made it to an emotional finale having reunited with their families, reflected on all the incredible challenges and hilarious secret missions they endured and celebrated the celebrities they shared their camp home with.

Harry Garside, Aesha Scott and Liz Ellis had thrived in the camp all season long, having formed a jungle family with their fellow celebrities, our final three had come a long way this season. And there was just one thing left: crown a winner for 2023.

Winning herself the title of Queen of the Jungle, Liz Ellis had been an absolute favourite of not just the audience at home but also all of her fellow celebs. Dubbed the mum of the camp, Liz had been a shoulder for her campmates to cry on, an ear to hear all their glorious tales.

Speaking to Chris Brown and Julia Morris, Liz reflected on her time in the camp saying, "The thing that sticks with me is how much fun we've had and how much we've all adored getting to know each other.

"There's been real ups and downs, and we all talked about it early about how the first few days we all struggled but everyone got through it," she continued, "it's just been so good to get to know everybody."

Liz also said she found her courage during the tougher moments in the jungle from a very surprising source.

"A few years ago I made the decision to go grey," she explained to Chris and Julia. "I really wanted...people to see a woman with grey hair -- or silver as I like to call it -- on telly doing stuff, being strong and I thought I can't let people down who looked at that and thought they might like to do it."

Liz also became the people’s favourite next candidate for PM, displaying wisdom and an even temper even when starving, sleeping outdoors, and facing some pretty tricky trials.

Speaking of trials, Liz was an absolute challenge beast, conquering absolutely everything that Dr Chris and Lady Julia threw at her. Be it the Cliffhanger trial where she and Nick Cummins had to not just climb over a gorge but also drop off a pole in order to get stars, or both eating challenges she absolutely crushed.

Like a good captain, Liz always knew it was about the team back at camp, and did everything she could to bring home enough stars to feed the celebs.

Liz’s time in the jungle is in support of Share The Dignity, an organisation that distributes sanitary items to women experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or are doing it tough.

For more information about Share The Dignity, or any of the charities our celebs are representing this year, as well as info on how you can support or donate, click here.