Hunted Australia 2022: Stathi Vamvoulidis And Rob Harneiss Successfully Evade The Hunters

In a thrilling finale, both Rob and Stathi were able to outsmart the Hunters, make it to the Extraction Point and win the very first season of Hunted Australia.

On Tuesday night, in the absolutely thrilling conclusion to Hunted Australia's first season, both Stathi and Rob found themselves on their own, giving it everything they had to get to the Extraction Point and secure themselves a share of the $100,000 grand prize.

For Stathi, having lost teammate Matt earlier in the week and with their best-laid plans thrown out, he scrambled and relied on the kindness of strangers, which saw him reach a town just outside the Extraction Point of Inverloch.

But the Hunters were hot on his trail and, with a tip-off from Stathi's accomplice, they were able to track Stathi's taxi to the nearby town.

Meanwhile Rob's teammate Jake similarly was snagged after a tense footrace with the Ground Hunters. With Rob flying slightly more under the radar than his police officer partner, he was able to use his array of disguises and natural charm to easily find strangers to get him almost all the way to the Extraction Point.

Having tracked Rob's movements, and comparing that with Stathi's, the Hunters were able to quickly figure out where the Extraction Point could be, sending all available Ground Hunters to Inverloch.

Having found a B&B host willing to drop him right near the Inverloch beach, Rob was the first to make it to the waiting helicopter, securing his safety, but Stathi was still hiding out, making sure the coast was clear.

In one of the tensest chases we've seen yet, a team of Ground Hunters were just meters behind Stathi as he sprinted down the beach, throwing his backpack aside and bolting to the waiting chopper, reaching it with just seconds to spare.

Safely in the chopper, Rob reflected on his time on the run saying, "I put a lot of time and effort into planning for this. The strategy for me was hiding in plain sight, not acting like a fugitive.

"It was important for me to be able to use my skills as a hairdresser to not only disguise us but to feed us, to house us," Rob added.

Looking back Stathi also spoke about his experience, admitting that it was exhausting. "When the physical exhaustion coupled with the mental exhaustion, there were so many moments where you questioned whether or not you can continue.

"But I had a strategy," Stathi continued, "I had worked in surveillance in the past and I wanted to use everything I had learned."

Both Rob and Stathi vowed to split their share of the $100,000 prize with their respective teammates, Jake and Matt.

As for the Hunters, despite just missing out on a clean sweep, the experts were thrilled at managing to track down and capture 16 out of 18 Fugitives in 21 days.

"In the real world, you'd have 150 people tasked to catch one fugitive," Deputy Intelligence Ben Owen said, "and it might take multiple years. Sixteen in 21 days; it is enormous."

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