Jackie O Breaks Down Her 5 Favourite ‘Friends’ Episodes

Radio superstar and professional celebrity voice detector Jackie O will be swapping her early night’s sleep, for five nights of binging Friends on Peach.

From this Monday to Friday at 7pm, you can join Jackie O at home as she shares her favourite Friends episodes of all time.

With 10 iconic seasons of lovable, heart-warming and hilarious moments to choose from, she had A LOT to consider. Lucky for you, we got our hands on her top-secret list and we’re sharing the answers below.

The One with Ross’s Tan - Season 10, Episode 3

Spray, count, pat and turn. Those were the simple steps Ross needed to know to earn the same summer glow his sister Monica was sporting, but she should have warned him not to count Mississippi-ly. The whole experience ended in a complete (yet hilarious) disaster with 8 sprays of tan on his front and none on his back.

The One with All The Resolutions - Season 5, Episode 11

New year, new gang? The six friends all make individual resolutions to improve themselves in the new year, but it becomes apparent very quickly that they were destined to fail. Chandler struggles to stop making fun of others for an entire week, while Rachel vows to gossip less. As for Ross, trying something new every day turns into a sticky situation involving wet leather pants, baby powder and lotion. Once you see this you can’t unsee it!

The One with The Prom Video - Season 2, Episode 14

When Monica digs up her old prom video, the group discover that Ross was prepared to take Rachel to her school dance after being stood up by that jerk Chip Matthews. Phoebe makes them realise that they are each other’s lobsters and they share a kiss in what was by far one of the sweetest moments of the series. It was this episode that officially kicked off a long, on-and-off romance between the two fan favourites.

The One with Ross’ Teeth - Season 6, Episode 8

ross friends

Looking to impress his date with Hilary, Monica's co-worker, Ross decides to get his teeth whitened. Unfortunately for him, his pearly whites turn into a set of fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark chompers that are bound to blind anyone – including his unsuspecting date.

The One Where Everybody Finds Out - Season 5, Episode 14


The group of friends find themselves in another messy situation as Phoebe, Rachel and Joey find out that Monica and Chandler have been “doing laundry” AKA hooking up in secret. Instead of confronting the pair about their relationship, Rachel and Phoebe decide to mess with their heads, causing the most uncomfortable yet hilarious situation to occur within their circle.

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