Best Moments From First Dates Australia So Far

Unusual travel companions, waitstaff getting hit on and a date full of red flags.

The fun and exciting dating show First Dates pairs together people from all walks of life, with mixed results. Here are some of the best First Dates Australia moments so far!

Dawn’s Curious Travel Companion – Episode 1

Gossip columnist Dawn and special education therapist Phil were paired together and hit it off right away. Dawn opened up about her late husband having early onset dementia and his passing 18 months ago.

Dawn went on to say, “I decided I’m not going to sit around and be sad, I’m going to get on with my life,” adding, “I was lucky to find love once and I want to find it again.” Phil spoke about getting a divorce saying, “It has an impact on your self-esteem, you feel unsuccessful.”

The pair shared a few laughs, especially when Dawn mentioned the travel companion she took with her on a seven month road trip around Australia, Dickie the blow up doll. Dawn went on to say, “Dickie’s underwear has elephant ears,” and, when met with a confused reaction by Phil, Dawn clarified that Dickie “has no appendages, just the underwear”.

Dawn is a fire cracker and we hope Dickie is kicked to the curb while Dawn and Phil embark on many adventures together.

The Wait Staff Getting Hit On – Episode 1

The pair set-up on a date were swimwear label owner Latika and waiter Sage. The date had a rocky start after Sage gifted Latika flowers, in which she responded in the confessional, “I don’t like flowers at all, I think they are such a useless gift.”

The date only went downhill from there as Latika showed no interest in Sage’s passion and side gig as a competitive bodybuilding model.

Even with Sage trying his best to keep the conversation going Latika’s interest quickly turned to Luka, the waitress at the First Dates restaurant. After openly flirting with her, Latika said flat out to Sage, “I like her, a little bit more then I like you.”

At the end of the date, as the pair were walking out of the restaurant, Latika grabbed her flowers and made a mad dash to the restaurant kitchen to find Luka. Here Latika gifted Luka her flowers and asked for her number. Better luck next time Sage.

The Date with Red Flags From A Mile Away – Episode 2

Two hopefuls that were paired together were chiropractor Marcus and exotic dancer Tammie. The date started well, before quickly turning into Tammie’s worst nightmare.

Red flags started to emerge when Tammie asked Marcus what his deal breakers in a relationship were. Marcus responded, “Women that are disagreeable, combative for no reason and masculine.” Tammie pressed harder asking, “What do you classify and masculine?” Marcus went onto say, “Like assertiveness, men need to be like that.”

Marcus, completely unaware Tammie’s obvious discomfort, continued, “I want no masculine boss bitch from lash tech.”

Whilst Tammie replied in the confessional saying, “I hate him," and later dashed to the bathroom where she called her sister and said, “he’s the biggest misogynist bastard I have ever met”.

Meanwhile, Marcus said to the Ama the waitress that he thought the date was going well. Will Tammie stay on the date or ditch Marcus for good?

Watching Thomas learn in real time who Paris Hilton is and how she got famous – Episode 3

Videographer Thomas and Nursing student Jordan were the next pair to be matched together. Early into the date Jordan asked Thomas if he wanted kids, to which he responded “kids? probably eventually, I’m still young”.

Jordan was quick to say “I really want kids, I want marriage, I want everything, I want all that right now, you know what I mean”, leaving Thomas slightly stunned.

Half jokingly, Thomas proceeded to ask Jordan what she wanted to name any future children. Jordan responded saying “maybe like Paris after Paris Hilton”. Thomas admitted in the confessional “I don’t know who Paris Hilton is, is that bad?”.

Thomas was left in a state of shock after a quick google of Miss Hilton revealed the one particular tape that skyrocketed her to fame. Leaving him to say “okay that might be a bit questionable to name our first kid”. Do this unlikely pair have what it takes to go on a second date?

Jarrod’s Unusual Party Trick and Opening Up To His Date Josh  - Episode 1

Salsa dancer Josh and life insurance worker Jarrod were an unlikely match. As the date begun Jarrod had a few party tricks up his sleeve which included making a dead chicken out of a tea towel. The trick went to plan, and the pair shared a giggle, “I think he thought it was a real winner” Josh later said in the confessional.

After Mr Chicken, Jarrod opened up to Josh saying, “I have a condition called Asperger's syndrome, which is a variant of autism”. Jarrod went onto explain in the confessional how his condition has impacted dating in the past, saying, “When they hear you have neurological conditions they consider you someone who's not a venture they want to go on”.

Jarrod told a receptive Josh, “there is positive sides to it, I think that’s where my creativity comes from and why it got me so interested in cosplay”. The date ended with Josh teaching Jarrod to salsa dance. We hope to see the pair on many dates to come.

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