Alex (Rebel)

Maths Teacher

Alex is a teacher who wants to buck the system. A true Rebel at heart, he’s got big dreams and big plans saying, “I’m a rebel teacher and I want to change the education system because it’s currently just creating robots. We’re creating people for corporate jobs and I want a community where people can find their passion and figure out how they contribute to the world and live a more purposeful life. As a rebel teacher, I fight Titans every single day. It’s called the education system.”

Calling himself a spiritual man, Alex loves adventure and has climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro sleeping in tents in negative 10 degrees, lived on a tropical island in Mexico under the stars and isn’t afraid of putting his body on the line.

Alex says while the adventure and social game of playing Survivor will be the highlights, it’ll be leaving his family behind that will be the hardest. He says, “I’m here for my mum. She had breast cancer about eight years ago and she showed me she’s the real survivor here. I have a tattoo on my heart which says mum in pink ribbon, the symbol of breast cancer and it also says survivor underneath. So it feels like I’m meant to be here and doing this for her.”