Garrick (Rebel)

Loss Prevention Officer

Sniffing out a rat and being one step ahead is what Garrick does everyday. Catching shoplifters and thieves as a Loss Prevention Officer on the Gold Coast, he is on his toes daily and ready for anything.

He says, “My day job has definitely prepared me for Survivor. I deal with deceit every day.”

Garrick isn’t bothered about being one of the eldest of the tribe, he actually thinks it’ll work to his advantage saying, “I don’t feel like I’m nearly 60. My motto is don’t let the old man in. Think young and have fun. People are going to underestimate my physical ability and think I’m the old fella so I think Imight surprise quite a few of them.”

A massive part of Garrick’s life is his love for motorbikes and he spends a lot of time riding and enjoying the freedom that brings.