‘A Dagger To The Heart’: Could Cara’s Historic Mistake Cost Her The Game?

On this week’s Australian Survivor Talking Tribal, Luke, Nathan and Shannon dissect Cara’s massive voting blunder and its consequences.

Covering all the major moves (and blunders) from the week, Luke, Nathan and Shannon paid a particular focus to one moment that could have major consequences for a favourite.

Earlier in the week, in an attempt to follow George’s split vote plan, Cara wrote down the wrong name at tribal which exploded in her alliance’s face and saw “Big D” Daini’s torch get snuffed.

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Survivor stats savant Shannon admitted that there had been a case of incorrect voting in the US version of the show, but never in Australian Survivor had a wrong vote backfired so spectacularly.

“Someone once voted incorrectly and sent home someone on a 5-4-1, so they prevented a tie,” Shannon explained. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone vote incorrectly and actively lose a 6-3 majority and go home. It was physically painful to me.”

Describing Daini’s elimination as “a dagger to the heart”, Shannon admitted that the blame fell squarely in Cara’s hands for forgetting the one name she had to remember.

“It’s never happened ever before. It’s unprecedented, to screw up the split vote that badly that someone goes home that is historically the mistake,” Shannon added.

Agreeing, Luke said the blunder could have painted a huge target on Cara’s back, especially if he was playing.

“Big D should still be there!” he emphatically added.

Managing to survive the major double tribal without too much worry, the trio wondered how this mistake could affect the rest of Cara’s game and, if she were to make it to the end, could it rule out her chances of being crowned Sole Survivor?

“If I was sitting next to her at a final two or a final three I’d be saying, remember when she ‘accidentally’ voted Daini out? Like, that’s not a good thing. So, I do think hard to break that reputation but she should be okay for now,” Shannon said.

Luke, however, had other ideas.

“She’s been voted out now, she’s made a mistake… like, how much further in the game can she make it and say, ‘I’ve been playing a great game,’” he said.

“It’s definitely going to be hard to shake that she did accidentally vote out like the most likeable person in the game,” Shannon said, adding, “That’s a tough one.”

Can Cara shake off the bad vote and make it all the way to the end? With King George on her side, we have to admit anything is possible.

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