Missed The First Week Of Australian Survivor? Find Out Where To Catch Up On Episodes, Exclusive Interviews And Unseen Extras

After almost a year-and-a-half since Australian Survivor All Stars, Season 6 has arrived with a bang. Two tribes are locked in the ultimate contest to determine which is stronger – brains or brawn.

The first week of Australian Survivor held blindside after blindside, and we can already tell this is going to be one of the best seasons yet.

But before we get to the juicy drama, did you miss all the action and need to catch up?

Lucky for you, 10 play is streaming every single episode of Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn so you can watch them on demand, any time. Which is perfect, considering our current lockdown predicament.

To watch all the episodes, head over to Australian Survivor on the 10 play website or app, choose your episode and start bingeing.

Want even more? Find out what happens after Tribal Council torches are snuffed and tribes return to camp, with exclusive extras and unseen moments that didn’t make it into the episodes. Plus, we have highlights of the best moments from the episodes and towards the end of the season, The Jury Villa will return.

As well as video extras, read spicy details about what really goes down in camp in exclusive interviews with castaways who have been voted out.

And don’t miss out on Talking Tribal, 10 play’s Australian Survivor spin-off web series where past castaways Luke Toki and Nick ‘The Snake’ Iadanza team up with Survivor expert Shannon Guss and NOVA’s Nathan Morris to talk gameplay, strategy and drama.

And if all that Survivor content isn’t enough, you can stream fast-tracked episodes of Survivor South Africa every Friday from 9am.

Now, back to Australian Survivor’s first massive week of twist and turns.

The challenges were big and dusty, starting with a wrestle for a sand sack, three-move puzzles which took way too long to figure out and bootcamp-style challenges that really tested physical strength.

The rewards caused a stir, with the choice of a survival kit over fire putting pressure on some tribe mates.

The Aussie Outback tested the Survivors with burning sun, blistering heat, cold nights, and desolate space with barely any hiding spots for talking strategy (or finding idols!).

There’s a politician making a splash, getting all of Australia talking.

And there were multiple blindsides only 3 episodes in.

That and so much more has happened already, so what are you waiting for? Go catch up on all the drama, betrayals, and blindsides now.

And if you’re up to date but still wondering what days Australian Survivor is on?

Don’t miss new episodes of Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn on Sunday – Tuesday at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand. Plus, see what Luke Toki and Nathan Morris have to say about the strategy on 10 play’s web series, Talking Tribal