'It Was A Genius Plan': Fraser Lack Brutally Blindsided In Australian Survivor's Wildest Tribal Ever

In one of the most intense, unpredictable and fiery Tribal Councils we've ever seen, the Villains truly went to war, with extremely surprising results.

Losing yet another Immunity Challenge, the Villains once again returned to Tribal Council to vote out another player. King George had finally managed to swing Jordie and Fraser over to the dark side, and all the plans were set in motion to blindside Simon.

But the Australian Survivor gods had other ideas, and Jonathan surprised the tribe with a chance to win individual immunity before they went to vote. In the evening's first twist, Simon smashed the competition and saved himself from being voted out.

And from there it just got crazier, with games being blown up, Immunity Idols being whipped out and, ultimately, Fraser being caught in the crossfire in a brutal game of chicken between George and Simon.

"I will say, and I will claim it, it is MY episode," Fraser told 10 play, laughing.

When Jonathan revealed the tribe had the opportunity to win individual immunity for that night Fraser said he was excited at the prospect. "It was a really cool twist, it was so unexpected and it just proves you cannot go into the game thinking or planning too far ahead because it'll shift and change like that.

"This season has proven that. I was excited, a little bit worried for how that would affect my plans and, in the end, it wasn't good."

Having a "rock-solid plan" to vote out Simon, in one moment that all slipped away and Fraser and his closest ally Jordie had to scramble for a backup.

"Now that we were unable to vote Simon out, it was the next best solution," he explained. "Simon would find out we were planning on voting for him anyway, if we survived this Tribal he would find out... so we had to go for the next best option which was his second-closest ally. Stevie."

Switching their votes to Steve, Jordie and Fraser were not aware that George had planned an all-out war to blow up not just Simon's game, but all of their games.

"That was the boiling point, that is exactly how I'd describe it," Fraser said, "We were a tiny tribe at that point in the game and it was crazy to see almost how quiet it became.

"The tension was there since day one and had been building up between George and Simon, how everything unfolded was so unexpected but, at the same time, there had to be a point where everything erupted. And it definitely did."

Revealing his own hidden Immunity Idol, George revealed to Simon that Jordie had betrayed him, and had exposed his own hidden "Idol". Giving him an ultimatum, George urged Simon to play his idol on Stevie's behalf to save him - all the while George, Liz and Shonee had voted for Fraser.

Had Simon played the "Idol", it would have been wasted as Fraser was the target anyway, but by not playing it, George successfully drove a wedge between Steve and Simon, flipping the power of the tribe back in his own favour.

"It was really just a strategic play from George, in order to burn the Idol for no good reason so that Simon no longer had it. In Simon not playing it for Stevie, he’s then burned the relationship between Simon and Stevie because Stevie feels like his closest mate won’t play an Idol for him knowing he could go home," Fraser said.

"It was a genius plan."

As Jonathan revealed the votes, Steve thought his time in the game was well and truly done. As for Fraser, as soon as he saw his name come out of the urn he went through a roller coaster of emotions.

"First parchment: stressed. Second parchment: sh*t. Like, this is real and this is happening," he said. "It was very unexpected,  it did happen completely out of the blue. I didn't see it coming."

While it was quite the final Tribal for Fraser, he said he was happy with not just how he played the game but how he left it as well. "As much as I could worry and overthink how I could have done things differently, you'll only know that in retrospect," he added.

"I did have a friend say what are you proud of, and I did make some really great friendships from the show," he continued. "It's such an incredibly unique experience. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime, twice if you’re lucky... but I’m grateful and blessed to be part of this experience and don’t take anything for granted whatsoever."

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