Champions V Contenders: Player Cards

Australia, here is your top four Survivors from Season 4


“I’m definitely not a stereotypical player of Survivor and I think that's a strength for me."

From avoiding the first elimination to proving himself as a serious player, Baden remained out of the spotlight as all the drama unfolded. Could he be the next Sole Survivor?


"Boom. I am searching for idols, unguarded and unprotected."

Harry’s just an average ice-cream maker from WA but in the game of Survivor, he’s a scheming and manipulative mastermind. Could Dirty Harry be the next Sole Survivor?


"This is the king's beach and I am still sitting good on my throne."

Despite playing himself off as the joker, it was Luke’s strategic mind and the close friendships he formed that helped him make the top four. Could Luke be the next Sole Survivor?


"If things aren't going my way, I'm going to bust out some tears."

She may be little, but her fight is massive and she was the wits behind one of the biggest blindsides. Pairing up with a power player kept her hidden while she pulled all the strings. Could Pia be the next Sole Survivor?