Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains: Meet The Final 5

We are just days away before we find out who will win the ultimate battle between Heroes and Villains.

This season has undeniably been one of the best, with epic tribals, phenomenal (and heartbreaking) blindsides, and some of the most incredible strategic gameplay we’ve seen. Now that we’re at the pointy-end of the competition, there are just a handful of days separating our final five and the title of Sole Survivor.

Can King George finally conquer his throne? Will Nina continue the family tradition of winning Heroes V Villains seasons? Or will one of the newbies overcome all odds and take out the top spot?

Here are the Final 5 of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains


Narrowly missing out on the title of Sole Survivor when he first played in Brains V Brawn, King George returned guns blazing. After injuring himself in the first challenge, George returned to the game sporting quite a tough scar, but nothing was getting in the way of his gameplay.

Despite having a massive target on his back from the beginning, George has managed to work his magic, delivering us some of the most iconic, explosive and memorable tribal councils of all time. This season, George has proven himself to be one of the greatest strategists Australian Survivor has ever seen, but can he make it all the way to the final tribal to plead his case?


Over 10 years ago, Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first ever two-time Survivor winner when she won Survivor US: Heroes vs Villains in Samoa. Now, years later on the same beaches of Samoa, her daughter Nina is fighting to keep the family legacy alive. Nina returned to the game with unfinished business after being removed from last year’s Blood V Water due to injury.

Though she spent most of the game safely surrounded by her OG Hero alliances, after merge Nina’s game took a turn and she’s had to fight from the bottom, looking for any opportunity to keep her spot in the game. Though her mum may be a Survivor icon, Nina has already been busy forging her own legacy, becoming the first Twine to win individual immunity. Can she continue that winning streak all the way to the end?


Liz has already won the award for best facial reactions of the season, with her epic eye rolls, her dry delivery of savage takedowns and her flawless idol plays, Liz has become an instant fan favourite. Surviving a less-than-ideal tribe swap, Liz managed to use the mutiny twist to her advantage, reuniting with her Spice Girls alliance.

After merge, Liz was instrumental in flipping the power out of the hands of the OG Heroes and into the Vigilantes. Though she and George hit a stumble when he blindsided the Shiz power couple and booted Shonee, Liz knew what she needed to do to stay in the game. Will the Olympian get revenge for her BFF and make it all the way to the finale?


With two individual immunity wins under his belt, Matty has been quietly inching his way forward through the game. The lifesaver managed to save his own skin in the game by choosing the perfect moment to flip to George’s Vigilantes alliance.

Though he’s one of two final three deals that George has made, Matt has his closest ally Gerry still in the game, and as we near the final days of the game, the duo could make some bold moves to shake things up. Will Matt throw the King under the bus, or will he stay loyal to the very end?


Don’t underestimate Poppy. Pre-swap, Gerry was at the bottom of the OG Heroes, so much so that they sacrificed him to be sent over to the OG Villains, expecting him to be voted out at the next tribal council. But Gerry returned with a vengeance and a new set of allies, so that when merge came along, Gerry went to the Vigilantes and made sure to topple the very hierarchy that pinned him as expendable.

Gerry’s game has been one of loyalty, and while he and Matt are still working closely together, his trust in George may have wavered in the last few votes. Will Gerry have the last laugh and outplay his own mentor in the game?

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains airs Sunday - Monday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 Play on demand