Sleep With One Eye Open: Traitors US And Traitors UK Now Available On 10 Play

Lap up all the drama from the ultimate murder mystery with The Traitors US and UK now on 10 Play.

It’s the nail-biting reality show that sees contestants turn against each other as they attempt to decipher friend from foe. The first cohort of Australian Faithful and Traitors took to the Traitors manor with Rodger Corser last year. But they weren't the first to brave the treacherous game. Intrepid souls from the UK and the US have taken to the Scottish Highlands to play the game in The Traitors US and The Traitors UK, which are now available to watch on 10 Play.

The Traitors US and The Traitors UK, hosted by actor Alan Cumming and English television presenter Claudia Winkleman respectively, see a cross-section of contestants come together to play the ultimate murder mystery game. Living in an ancient castle in Scotland, the group must work together on exhilarating missions to build up an impressive cash prize, in the hopes of taking it home at the end of the game.

But of course, in true whodunnit style, there’s a catch. Hidden among the Faithful contestants are a selection of Traitors, on a mission to sabotage the group’s efforts. Cloaked by darkness, the Traitors will pick a new victim each night in a murderous spree. The Faithful must uncover and banish the Traitors before it is too late. If the Traitors can remain undetected, they will take the entire cash prize for themselves.

In the ultimate game of deception, contestants are forced to sleep with one eye open, question their loyalties and confront friends and foes alike. Don’t miss a minute of the action, lies and betrayal - stream every episode of The Traitors US and The Traitors UK on 10 Play now.