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World’s Longest Car Beats Own Record

Everything’s bigger in America.

The longest car in the world has been trumped – by itself.

First built in 1986 and dubbed ‘The American Dream’ the limo was a mere 18.28 metres. A brilliant symbol of 80s freedom, invention, and the possibility of thinking, ‘what if longer?’

So when Miami based developer, Michael Dezer found ‘The American Dream’ almost completely rusted away in New Jersey, he clearly thought to himself ‘Not in my America, dammit’ and placed a winning bid on the car.

It’s taken two years, six El Dorados, three donor limos and a lotta love, but ladies and gentlemen - ‘The American Dream’ has been restored. And like a fun allegory for inflation, it’s bigger than ever.

At a whopping 30.54 meters long, it boasts a restored helipad, and even has a new putting green and Jacuzzi. It’s so long in fact, you and all your friends can go for the world’s longest joy ride.

“This can be configured for any type of party, any type of design you would want. But it can hold up to 75 people, any day of the week.” said Dezer.

Your quads and glutes will never be the same after you remember you meant to tell Judy something, scrambling to her from the opposite end of the vehicle.

It’s certainly turning heads, but turning corners is a little trickier.

“The main difficulty in finding this car is finding straight roads,” Dezer elaborated “to turn, you need a real wide radius because of the length of it.”

Oh I bet.

The limo is also currently petrol-powered but Dezer hasn’t ruled out going electric, that just requires a bit more work and a lot of batteries.

Check out The American Dream in all its glory.