Here Are The Best Moments From The Office’s Best Boss, Michael Scott

The Office is a cult classic sitcom that has stood the test of time, but the show would simply be nothing without Michael Scott.

If you don’t know who Michael Scott is, you haven’t lived. He’s the hilarious Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Inc, and his dry humour and perfect comedic timing have made him a household name and an absolute meme icon.

Here are some of the most memorable, LOL moments from the “World’s Best Boss”.

Michael Grills His Foot - S2 Ep. 12

Michael’s genius breakfast-in-bed plan goes hilariously wrong when he steps on a George Foreman grill that’s cooking bacon beside his bed. He calls into the office claiming he’s been seriously injured, and requests co-worker Pam Beesly to pick him up. Michael then spends the rest of his day doing what he does best – being overly dramatic - while the rest of the office make fun of the fact that he “cooked his foot”.

Michael vs Toby

Not an episode as such, but a consistent theme throughout the series. Every protagonist has an enemy and for Michael, it’s Toby Flenderson. Michael’s confessed hatred for his Dunder Mifflin counterpart is fueled by Toby’s position in HR.

According to Michael, an HR manager’s job is to “make the office lame”. His hatred towards Toby is totally uncalled for, but that’s what makes this feud hilariously entertaining to watch.

Michael Drives into Lake Scranton - S4 Ep. 4

This scene has fans divided, with many arguing that Michael went too far. But despite the conflicting views, it still deserves a place on the list.

Michael and Dwight Schrute drive a rental car to Elmhurst Country Club after a day of trying to win over clients. Michael is especially irritated, so when the GPS tells him to turn right, he does the opposite and drives straight into a lake.

Dwight and Michael go into freak-out mode as they scramble out of the half-submerged car, making it one of Michael’s most absurd moments.

Prison Mike - S3 Ep. 9

Michael adopts many alter egos throughout the years, but arguably his most iconic is Prison Mike, who “stole and robbed, and kidnapped The President’s son”.

Donning a purple bandana and claiming that prison food consists of only gruel and hair, Prison Mike is introduced in a staff meeting to convince them that their job is better than being in prison.

And what’s the worst thing about being in prison?

The Dementors. Obviously.

Threat Level Midnight - S7 Ep. 17

This might sound familiar even if you haven’t watched The Office before – it’s featured in Billie Eilish’s hit song, My Strange Addiction.

“No Billie, Michael Scarn hasn’t done that dance since his wife died”.

Michael Scott’s brainchild ‘Threat Level Midnight’ is an absolute action movie masterpiece. It was first hinted at in season 2, when Pam discovers the script.

In season 7, Michael finally holds a screening of the film in the conference room, which stars himself as Michael Scarn. Scarn goes undercover to save several hostages from villain Goldenface, played by Jim Halpert. Quite frankly, the whole scene is Oscar-worthy.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, you must. And if you dare say it’s “not a real movie” then you’re clearly not an Office fan. Threat Level Midnight is a cult-classic that will go down in history.

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