Jim’s Most Iconic Pranks Against Dwight In The Hilarious Series, The Office

There’s no doubt The Office is one of the greatest sitcoms. It’s full of hilarious moments, cringy one-liners and legendary pranks that never get old.

Jim Halpert’s notorious office pranks on desk-buddy Dwight Schrute are those we could only dream of pulling off, from gift-wrapping Dwight’s entire desk, to framing him for Jim’s murder.

Here are some of Jim’s hall-of-fame worthy pranks. Don’t try them at home!

Asian Jim

In this prank, Jim and Pam recruited their actor friend Steve to convince Dwight that Steve was actually Jim. And that Dwight had been seeing Jim’s appearance incorrectly for the past 12 years.

Dwight was sceptical at first, but after Steve passed Dwight’s questioning, successfully keyed in Jim’s password, received a kiss from Pam and ended up in Jim’s family photo, Dwight became extremely confused. They successfully messed with his head.

Gift Wrapped Desk

If anything, Jim is patient. Not only did he gift-wrap Dwight’s chair, desk and all his stationary, he went that one step further and made sure there was nothing inside. No desk, or chair, or stationary, just wrapping paper shaped like them. So, when Dwight took a seat, everything collapsed.

Faxes From Future Dwight

A prank of Jim’s with endless potential, Dwight once raced across the office to knock a mug of hot coffee from Stanley’s hand after receiving a fax that read:

“Dwight, from 8am today someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, future Dwight.”

Dwight’s Toilet Office

In this prank, Dwight rocked up to work to find his desk had just… vanished.

Before he could report the missing desk to Michael, Jim started up a little game of ‘warmer, colder’, which eventually led Dwight to the toilet, where his office desk had been set up.

As soon as he arrived, his phone rang. It was Jim, asking about discount prices.

Stapler In Jello

Dwight was furious when he discovered his stapler completely immersed in jelly.

“Do not take it out. You have to eat it out of there because there are starving people in the world, which I hate, and it is a waste of that kind of food,” Michael said, mockingly.

When Dwight asked Michael to discipline Jim, Michael delivered the worst reprimanding we’ve ever seen.

The Iconic Time Prank

Now this was a prank that Jim orchestrated with the entire office, against Michael.

“Michael had a chicken potpie for lunch. Actually, let me rephrase that. Michael had an entire chicken pot pie for lunch. Let me be more specific, Michael ate an entire, family-sized chicken pot pie for lunch, and he promptly fell asleep. So, we are all trying to be quiet so we don’t wake him up before 5pm, which should actually be in about 10 minutes,” Jim said as he changed the office clock from 1:50pm to 4:50pm.

Once they’d changed Michael’s computer, wrist and car watch, everyone in the office laughed loudly to wake Michael. When he saw it was supposedly 5pm, he sent everyone home early.

Dwight Did It!

Up there with one of the best pranks of all time, when the team travelled to another town for a special project, they were all staying in the same hotel. One morning, when Dwight went into Jim’s room to wake him, Jim was not in his bed.

Instead, there was blood on the bed, the sheets were tied into a rope and were dangling from the balcony. And there was a suitcase full of money.

“What the… oh man, Jim got mixed up with some bad apples,” Dwight said, before noticing ‘Dwight Did It’, written on the wall in red.

As Dwight started to freak out, Jim fell out of the cupboard, pretending to be dead.

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