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Our Girl - S1 Ep. 1
MA | Drama

Air Date: Sun 1 Oct 2023

Molly is deployed to Afghanistan but realises she must earn the respect of her Section. When a fellow soldier's life is in danger, she has to show just what she's made of.


About the Show

OUR GIRL is the story of East London lass Molly Dawes’ emotional rite-of-passage as a young medic and woman in the British Army’s final deployment of troops to Afghanistan.

Molly Dawes is a feisty working class girl with loads of friends, a dodgy boyfriend and little hope for a bright future. After her unemployed dad gets himself into a risky deal that threatens Molly’s safety she goes out and gets blind drunk. Needing to find some purpose she joins the British army. At first she cannot obey a single order from Corporal Geddings but soon she finds the discipline a liberating experience. As a result she decides to join up with the Royal Army Medical Corps and undergoes training. She is thrilled to bits when she gets the call up to join one of the final battalions being posted to Afghanistan. But things don’t turn out quite as she expected.

While disobeying orders to prove her mettle as a medic, she wins the love and trust of her fellow soldiers and the greater respect of her commanding officer CAPTAIN JAMES. But with that love and trust comes personal dilemmas as the rules of duty conflict with personal desires. OUR GIRL is at heart a love story between Molly and Captain James, complicated by the admiration of a working class private nick-named SMURF who can see in Molly a brave and determined soldier and not the fearful girl he assumed her to be. Molly’s eyes are opened too to the wider world in which she now finds herself where the realities of life for the ordinary people of Afghanistan contrast so widely with the taken-for-granted realities of her own life back home in England.

Molly will be confronted with challenges none of us could ever imagine and she’ll overcome them all. Through Molly Dawes, OUR GIRL will take the audience on a heartfelt and at times funny journey through the final days of the allied forces in Afghanistan.