Todd Sampson’s Mirror Mirror Season 2 Is Coming Soon

Todd Sampson returns with another two-part investigation, this time looking at how the internet is changing us and what we can do about it.

Airing over two nights on Monday, October 10 and Tuesday, October 11 at 7.30pm, Season 2 of Mirror Mirror will open your eyes to how the internet is changing the way we view the world.

As we witness the first generation of kids who have only known life with mobile internet, Todd Sampson returns with another season of Mirror Mirror, this time looking at the various ways we use the internet, how it’s changing us and how we love and hate.

Exploring multiple stories across the two episodes, Todd takes a look at the ways internet companies are capturing our attention and rewiring our brains and meets the people whose lives have been irreparably affected in one way or another.

“We are on the cusp of the largest global crisis at this time,” Todd told 10 Play, “and I think the impact of the internet, the influence of the internet on our children, is at the heart of that.

“I wanted to use my voice to address the subject as best I can… I don’t think there’s any way around addressing this topic other than regulation, but I felt like I could use my voice in a useful way.”

In its first season, Mirror Mirror took a look at body dissatisfaction across advertising, social media and the apps that we use to alter our appearances.

Now, Todd delves even further into corners of the internet, specifically looking at how it changes the way we love and hate.

“I thought, let’s go back to the basics of what it is to be human and that is about love and it is about hate, and let’s see how the internet impacts both of those,” he explained. “The episodes are very different from each other, but they carry a similar skeleton.”

Todd explores corners of the internet, from artificial intelligence girlfriends, influencer culture and internet addiction to conspiracy theories, image-based abuse and deepfake technology.

Describing this generation of kids as “canaries in the digital coal mine”, Todd not only looks at the ways in which the internet is changing relationships, mental health and communication but also investigates if we’re too late to do anything to change it for the better.

Season 2 of Mirror Mirror premieres across two nights, Monday, October 10 and Tuesday, October 11 at 7.30pm on Network 10 and 10 Play on demand