MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves: Final 3 Revealed

With just days to go before the next MasterChef is crowned, our final three take on the biggest challenges yet.

They’ve made it through weeks of challenges, Pressure Tests and Mystery Boxes, and now Sarah, Billie and Daniel are all that remain in the race to become Australia’s next MasterChef.

While one of the trio knows exactly what it feels like hold that plate above her head, the other two will be battling as hard as they can to make it all the way to the top spot.

Here are the Final 3 for MasterChef Australia 2022:

Billie McKay

The winner of Season 7, Billie’s performance in her original finale impressed guest Heston Blumenthal so much that not only did she win but she walked out of the MasterChef kitchen with an offer to work at his three-Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck.

Moving to London and working for Heston for a while, Billie decided to step back from the culinary industry, returning to her family dairy farm where she and her Husband Haydn welcomed their daughter Ada.

Stepping back into the MasterChef kitchen, Billie wanted to know if that creative spark and love for creating dishes was still there, and almost immediately it ignited. Throughout her time in the competition this year, she has blown away the judges and audience at home with her ability to craft sublime dishes and unexpected flavour pairings.

Though she’s found herself in a few Pressure Tests throughout the Season, Billie never let us see her sweat. Instead, her signature cool, calm and collected nature saw her skate through eliminations time and time again.

Can Billie become the first Aussie in history to hold two MasterChef titles?

Recipe Highlights:

Cookies and Cream Choux Buns

Wasabi Beef Tartare

Crispy Potatoes with Beef Tartare and BBQ Meatloaf Sauce

Daniel Lamble

Out of everyone, no one is more surprised that Dan’s in the Final 3 than Dan himself. The last remaining Fan of the Season, Dan came into the MasterChef kitchen with a vague love of food and some very interesting tacos.

Now, weeks later, Dan has thrown himself into the world of fine dining and has flourished in his playful yet well-executed approach to challenges and is almost unrecognisable to the man he was when he first walked through the MasterChef doors.

The firefighter’s love of his home in the Northern Territory is reflected in his love of fresh produce, seafood and native ingredients. But Dan’s all-rounder attitude to the competition has also seen him smash out some incredible desserts, and when he’s fallen into Pressure Tests, Dan’s ability to follow some of the most complex recipes of the season has seen his skills really soar.

In a season packed with Favourites returning for their second chance, could a Fan stand at the end and claim the trophy?

Recipe Highlights:

Mindil Sunset

Ocean Spare Ribs with Spicy Salsa

Fairy Mille-Feuille

Sarah Todd

Originally appearing in Season 6, Sarah Todd just made it to the Tp 10. Now, back in the competition, Sarah was determined to beat her own record, and managed to surpass it ending up in the Final 3.

After her original Season, Sarah went on to open several restaurants in India, starred in several TV shows and published cookbooks, to name just a few of her achievements. Building an empire for herself within the industry, Sarah put it all on the line and wanted to prove to herself she has what it takes to win the title of MasterChef.

During the competition this year, Sarah began to tinker with the future of what her food trajectory would look like, marrying the French techniques of her training with her love of Indian cuisine. Putting all of herself on every plate, Sarah’s experiments with vulnerability revealed new sides to her as a chef and continued to surprise the judges at every turn.

With the end in sight, could Sarah finally prove to the judges, Australia and to herself that on top of everything she’s built, she’s also Australia’s next MasterChef?

Recipe Highlights:

Butter Poached Lobster with Spiced Bouillabaisse, Curry Leaf Aioli and Pickled Cucumber


Crayfish and Rainbow Chard Cigars

MasterChef Australia Fans & Favourites airs Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play on demand