I’m A Celebrity 2023: Adam Cooney And Nathan Henry Leave The Jungle Ahead Of The Grand Finale

A double elimination shocked the celebs as two more left just days before the grand finale.

On Thursday night, in the final vote before Sunday’s grand finale, two more celebs packed their things and returned to the real world. With the finale in reach, all five celebs clearly wanted to go all the way, but for Adam and Nathan, they were all smiles knowing they’d soon be reunited with their loved ones (and a warm shower).

The pair became besties, even going so far as to cement their union with a jungle marriage so it seemed fitting that their journey in camp came to an end together.

The hilarious former Western Bulldogs and Essendon player consistently brought smiles to the camp with his dry sense of humour, his tenacity when it came to challenges and his massive heart.

Throughout his time in the jungle, Adam often spoke about his career and legacy in the AFL, even admitting that he felt like he was “embarrassed” by winning the Brownlow back in 2008. 

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While Adam’s quick sense of humour made him a joy in camp, as time passed he also became more vulnerable with his fellow celebs, opening up and even shedding a few tears, something he admitted even his own kids may not have seen before. 

Geordie Shore star Nathan definitely proved that he was more than just "tits and teeth", keeping everyone entertained in the camp whether he was screaming about how hungry he was, screaming about how afraid of challenges he was or just screaming to wake everyone up in the morning.

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Throughout his time in the jungle, Nathan opened up about coming out while starring on reality TV, pushed himself in challenges and confronted some of his biggest fears, and always had a beaming smile regardless of what Chris and Julia threw at him.

Nathan's time in the jungle was also in support of Australian Breast Cancer Research, which is dedicated to supporting medical research focused on the prevention, detection, management and treatment of breast cancer.

Adam’s time in the jungle was in support of the Cerebral Palsy Support Network, a community of members who work in partnership to share knowledge, create connections and provide support, serving individuals and families living with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. 

For more information about the Cerebral Palsy Support Network, or any of the charities our celebs are representing this year, as well as info on how you can support or donate, click here.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’s grand finale airs Sunday, April 30 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play