'You Can't Be Gay And Black': Nathan Henry Opens Up About Coming Out And The Violent Trolling He Received

The Geordie Shore star spoke about the threats he received during the backlash that ensued after he told his castmates he was gay.

Speaking to Woody Whitelaw, Nathan Henry explained that although he had come out to his family, when he was cast on Geordie Shore he told the production and his co-stars that he was bisexual rather than gay.

"My brother, he said, like, 'You need to pick a struggle. You can't be gay and black,'" Nathan told Woody, adding that he was worried that with Geordie Shore's "very heterosexual" reputation he may not be welcomed with open arms.

Nathan joined the cast in Season 10 back in 2015, telling the audience he was "70 percent [into] guys and 30 percent girls, but after I’ve had a drink – anything could happen".

"I [didn't] want to say I'm gay, I said I was bi so I had some common ground," he explained, adding that in the early days he "necked" with one of his female co-stars. But Nathan told Woody that after one particularly boozy night, he accidentally made history. According to several outlets Nathan became the first-ever reality TV star to engage in gay sex on TV.

"The next day... the producers sat me down and straight away, like, 'You do realise that's the first time that's happened in reality TV'. I think, what was nice, they wanted to make me aware of how big it was," Nathan said.

"When the episode actually went out... I watched it with a sense of pride, knowing I had broken a barrier on a very heterosexual show. I've not only done that, [but] I've had the first same-sex scene on any other show, as far as I'm aware."

Soon afterwards, Nathan made the decision to come out to the Geordie Shore cast, and the world, as gay.

While his co-stars were all completely accepting of Nathan, he admitted to Woody that he was trolled viciously online.

"Someone found my personal Facebook and was like, 'If I ever see you in the streets I'm going to throw acid at you'. It took a year for me to get over that," he said. "Even though it was just a threat, it's still a scary thing for a young kid to go through."

Despite the cruel threats of trolls, Nathan was able to see the silver lining of living as his true self.

"The amount of people that message me, still to this day on a daily basis, saying thank you so much, you've given me the courage to come out. Thank you for giving me the inspiration as a gay, black man, as a queer person, and being unapologetically yourself," he said.

"Things like that let me know that I'm doing the right thing."

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